Santa Claus is coming. Oh yes, he is. Ready or not.

It’s only 87 days till Christmas boys and girls, and I’d put money down that piece of information just struck fear into the hearts of many parents.   How did it get to be this far into the year?  I’m not ready for it to be October yet, I’m not even ready for it to be March.  Oh wait. 

Christmas is a pretty busy time for our family, as you could well imagine with this many children Santa needs to get his order in right about now to be ready in time.  Christmas merchandise hit the stores mid September, just seeing those tinsel displays pop up was enough to make this mamma break out in a cold sweat.   Oh gods it’s here again. 

While Christmas can mean different things for many people, for me it’s more than just sentimental.  It’s that time of year where jolly is my responsibility.  Mamma has to pull to fun from out where the sun does not shine. 

This is another one of those things they never tell you, before you become a mum.  Christmas = Stress, and lots of it.    Think about it, come December you are responsible (usually) for the cooking, the present buying, the cards, the holiday travel plans, making sure Santa gets those last-minute requests, buying your own gift (because you’re so good at that sort of thing apparently) and the decorating (because let’s face it, the tree the kids decorated looks like shit and you have to rearrange it all after they go to bed.  And then spend all of December putting the decorations back on the tree, because of smaller child thieves).  All this done with a smile on your face, because… say it with me:  It’s Christmas!

While I have no ideas to get you or anyone else organised, the bright and flashing led lights at the end of this tunnel, is that this year I remembered to do a Christmas club (and didn’t spend it beforehand!), and most awesome of all – I won’t be pregnant!  Pass the vino, mamma is going to find that jolly.

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