Why parents are losing the battle against junk food.

Why? Because feeding your kids fruit is an expensive exercise.  I don’t think I have to tell you how pricey bananas are these days.  Bananas and grapes are the fruits kids will eat, however being close 20 bucks a kilo in some places, means I’m going to start looking for alternatives. 

So let’s put this in perspective; I bought of bunch of bananas the other week, the price breakdown made it around $3.80 a banana.   Three dollars and eighty cents a banana O_o

You know what else I can get for $3.80?  A happy meal (that comes with a toy and a drink!), a chocolate bar or two, one of those mini pizza bun things, a big bag of twisties, a whole loaf of bread,  a serve of chips at the takeaway shop, a meat pie, a snack box at KFC, a box of choc chip cookies, or I can get a two-hour Melbourne Metlink ticket (to travel around in search of cheaper bananas).

So, bananas.  Value for money?  Given the above list, you be judge.  I know my mortgage is demanding, that I go the option that fills their bellies for longer on the cheap.  And this my friends is why we are losing the battle against junk food.

I know, I can hear you screaming – but what price can you put on a child health? 

Apparently that price is $3.80 😉



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  1. Great post! I completely agree – healthier options are often more expensive, and on a tight budget it IS easier to go with the junk food. I have a son with food intolerances, and that increases the prices (then again, it also counts out a lot of junk food options 😉 )

  2. I’ll often give in and pay more for healthy stuff like fruit and veggie, particularly if I know they will at least eat it. Plenty of people buy a big bag of chips or coke, and when you think of it, some fresh good food is worth paying a little more for, and instills a love of decent food in them too.

  3. Danni

    I’m hearing you!
    Here atm it is cheaper to buy a WHOLE punnet of strawberries!

  4. I am simply refusing to buy them at the moment, I can buy a kg of apples & a kg of pears for the price of a single banana! I’m lucky that my kids eat pretty much all fruits so I’m not stuck with the most expensive options. I also wonder how many $ worth of bananas at RRP are getting thrown out at the moment! Maybe if they reduced the price they would actually sell them all, thus not wasting them AND making their quota! Ok I’m off my high horse now…

  5. You won’t believe it but bananas are cheap in Ireland!
    But all sweeties are way cheaper than in Australia and my Aussie nephew has fought with his tight arseness not to buy the 5 pack of Mars Bars “because it’s soooooo cheap!”
    In Spain; American snacks are expensive (and remember Spain is a euro zone in trouble) but local treats like Olives and advocados and lemons are cheap. I’m eating my body weight in home made guacamole each day – and olives with a glass of Rioja Rosato to wash them down.
    But I still see LFKs (Little fat kids) with parents of a normal BMI – who have obviously been at the Corn Syrup & Palm Oil trough.
    In Ireland their parents would be fat too.

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