Daddy Day Out.

How was your weekend?  Fathers Day went off without a hitch in our household.  Now what’s with that?!  How on earth did that happen?  We took six children to Weston Park in Canberra, and unbelievably we got through the day tantrum free.   This, with some several hundred other parents also deciding, that Weston Park was the place to go on Fathers Day.  Supervising our children, was like trying to identify individual ants on an anthill.  I’ve never seen so many Dads over doing the Dadness in my life, almost needed a sick bag for how damn pleasant the scene was.  I lost count after spotting 40 something,  of “The Best Dad in the World” t-shirts wearing in the place, all of them trying to champion the title.  But I digress…. We had a terrific day out, a day oft unheard in the Candy’s Family holiday itinerary.  We finally had one of those days you read about in the brochure.  And all it was, was a picnic in the park, that’s it.  Nothing special, but because we got to sit and eat and enjoy a moment in the sun with no tantrums, no chasing, no bickering – it was as good as going on holiday for us.  You just know if it had been Mothers Day or my birthday, these kids would be breaking out the Nunchaku.


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  1. Fay Jubb

    What beautiful children! Even the one in the hat!

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