Running, Red shirts and the runs.

You know how sometimes things seem to be on a roll, when it comes to a run of bad luck.  I’ve had one of those months, I think August can just take a hike now.   I’m not going to bring you down with the details, ok maybe just a few but hey this is my blog to do with as I please 😉   The pressure has been on this month, with lots of requests (if I haven’t got to your email yet, I am sorry).  This crowd of mine has needed my attention, we are the House of Sharts this week. 

Four of the kids have had fevers and the sharts this week, so I’ve had them home all week.  Yep, things are getting a little twitchy for yours truly.  Once again I am jealous of the Husband, for getting to leave this chamber of farts everyday and play with adults.  It doesn’t help that at least three of the kids cannot speak without shouting,  as I type Georgie is reading to herself on the lounge – I’m sure the neighbors are enjoying storytime too.

Georgie has been particularly unwell this month, having two seizures last week just to add to the mayhem.  Seeing your child like this, would crack the toughest nut.

So I’m guessing we’ll be back on the investigation/tests train again, since the last lot didn’t give us anything to go on with.  I like to mention that the staff in the triage at Goulburn Hospital are awesome.  They had so much on their plates that night, yet they still took the time to explain everything and even bring me sandwiches and tea, as I’d arrived at the hospital starving and not able to go get a drink.  She is fine now, she took a few days to come good this time.  And still managed to barrack for her Dad and sister at the City2Surf last weekend.


A huge thank you to everyone that support their fundraising effort.  They passed their goal of $500, raising $624 for the Autism Advisory and Support Service.   Lucy wore her medal for two days afterwards. 

That same weekend the news broke about the missing boy Daniel Morcombe, after all these years police finally have an arrest.  Their parents asked the nation to wear red on the Monday the suspect was to front court, to show support for Daniel.  So we did.

I know this has been a long post, and not my usual stuff but I didn’t want to bombard everyone with each topic in a separate post.  And I’m not done, I have one more thing to ask of you.

Do you shop at Coles?  If you happen to have some of those sports for schools vouchers around, would you consider sending them my way?  Our kids attend a special school, that doesn’t have as  many students as a mainstream school would have.  So if you have any spare it’d be great if they could be contributed to our little school, so they can get much-needed new equipment.  I’ll even send you a stamped envelope to do so, just message me.  If you are in the Goulburn area please drop them off with Brian Hill at the Goulburn Post, he has kindly offered to help collect them on my behalf.  (Thanks again Brian).

Oh and one last thing.  Due to our household mayhem, which I really haven’t filled you all in on here, the draw for the Baby Monitor was delayed.  So the winner is…..  Veronica Harvey.    Thank you to all my new and old followers for clicking on those little boxes, I really do appreciate your support and readship of my blog 🙂



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  1. Jemma

    Holy cow that sure was a massive month and there is still a week and a half to go!

    That hospital photot broke my heart as believe that scenario would scare the crap out of any stoic parent!

    Bless you and yours Candy. I’ll start prodding the family for their coles vouchers! Take a breather if you can, (a few minutes hiding in the pantry usually works for me- esp if I’m lucky enough to find a chocolate biscuit or something)

  2. Janine

    Candy you’re an amazing woman. All this and you still pull off so much hard work with the reunion, pretty much unassisted from what I’ve seen. Glad to have you back in my life if in a relatively distant way. Should the dust settle and you get a day off I’d still love to catch up with you.

    • Me too Janine. I will be heading to Sydney very soon to do more stuff for the reunion, meet for lunch?
      And hey I’m going to need some volunteers on the day, can you give me a hand?

  3. Brian Hill

    Hi Candy
    I am saving the vouchers I usually give them to the Crescenht School (is this your kids school?). I am happy for Goulburn people to drop theirs into me at the Goulburn Post to save you a bit of running around and postage. Mark envelopes Candy C/- Brian Hill. If you are ok with this just post / blog it whatevs.

  4. Denyse Whelan

    Hi Candy,
    I feel so very much helpless about you guys..and yet I know you manage so beautifully …despite it all.
    I am not so good at getting the Coles vouchers…as we have reduced our shopping to a trickle.
    This is because …never mind.
    Could your kids “benefit” from some CDs and some bits and bobs that I have still…here…and Hugo & Ruby aren’t into?
    Am thinking of some musical instruments (percussion) of which I have a few. And also some art & craft things…
    Rather than package them up, let me know next time you maybe within the Penrith area, and I can pop out with some goodies and we can have a coffee.
    Remember, we were going to do that about a zillion months ago.
    My caringbydenyse site and education & memories are all being imported back to one site…will let you know when…So, please take down CaringByDenyse …and gee, I hope the kids ills are better real soon..
    D XX

  5. NetstaOz

    I had an annoying week, have had a health issue that is persistant and won’t clear, an infected gum, work has been difficult so I have been sitting here feeling a little sorry for myself. I read your blog and now feel thoroughly ashamed of myself for my self pity. You are awesome and how you managed to get through days I can’t even imagine, is amazing, your good nature, humour and absolute self sacrifice should be used as the standard, I will get out of my funk, count my many blessings and try to send good vibes to you. It’s a pleasure and an honour to read the words you share with us.

  6. Hi there, I’m completely new to your blog but addicted already!
    After reading all the ‘About’ pages I did the immediate scan on ‘Autism’.
    My son was recently dx with ASD and just yesterday it looks like my daughter will be too. August was horrific for us too, and I’m still playing catch up over at my blog. Nothing compared to your situation though
    Yay for September!?
    So sorry to hear Georgie was in hospital with seizures, not something we’ve experienced thus far {paranoid about but fingers crossed tight} so I can’t even begin to imagine what you must go through. Sending hugs your way and look forward to getting to know you more. xx

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