Running for Autism

For those just tuning in, you may not realise that we have two children diagnosed with Autism and another with PDD-NOS.  This you can imagine is a hard task to manage at times. 

Families like ours rely heavily on services, services mostly provided by the Government, but one non government service that has been of great help to us, has been the Autism Advisory & Support Service.  This service receives no recurrent government funding, and relies on donations to offer their services free to families affected by Autism.  Services like these need to continue and need more funding. 

With this in mind my husband and eldest daughter are entering next month’s City2Surf, to raise money for this service.  Last month they climbed Pigeon House Mountain on the south coast of NSW as part of their preparation for the event.

At the time of posting they have managed to raise $340, towards their humble goal of $500.  We’d like to say a big thank you to all those who have donated so far, you know who you are 🙂  Some of you we haven’t even met in the flesh, yet you opened your wallets in support, that is just awesome.

There is only 12 days left till the big day, this week the bibs arrived – so it’s game on!

If you would like to support their run for Autism you will find a link to sponsor them over on the right or click here.  Thank you again to all our sponsors so far, we are truly touched. 

I’ve written some more about this in my column at the Goulburn Post, head on over and have a look-see 🙂



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  1. Ann

    Gosh, I’ve just given myself a great big kick….been feeling sorry for myself for a few reasons, mostly lack of sleep and then I came across your blog. I hope you raise all the funds and more that you need in the race and I’m takng my hat off to you.
    Hope YOU get a decent night sleep soon .

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