Up late with Candy’s family.

Yep, I’m up. It’s 12.47am, doing a late night kid shift.  My big autie boy is on the wheeze, and I have to keep checking him. So yay for the iPad, and it’s excellent battery staying power.

We’ve had a busy weekend, the Husband turned 34 on Saturday, and he decided that an exploration of the Wombeyan Caves was necessary.  So we took six children through a big limestone cave, four of them aged five and under. Yes I know, insane.

But it wasn’t as scary as it sounds. Alright there were occassional screams of terror, that may have almost shook down stalactites, but all in all the kids got through the Figtree Cave ok. When you open the door of that cave all you see is stairs leading down into darkness, on seeing this Georgie freaked out and had to coaxed into the cave where the sensor lights eventually came on. Torches are a good idea, as the lights don’t stay on that long and you are left with kids panicking in the dark, seriously how much would it cost to leave the lights on for a minute longer?

I had baby Charlie in a backpack, and while that can be managed in the caves, there were parts I almost had to crawl through so I didn’t concuss him.  I later exited the cave with biscuit and juice styling my hair, and the back of my shirt.

Some parts of the cave and trail leading to it are SO not toddler friendly, I had kids on leashes hanging off me everywhere.  But they did enjoy it, today (well yesterday now) it was all they could talk about.  My leg muscles are talking about it too, ooowwwwwwww.

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