Training for the City to Surf

This year I will be entering the City to Surf fun run. Don’t get too excited, I am only planning on jogging/walking it. At the start of June I ramped up my training schedule from nothing, to something. I am now walking an hour a day about four days a week.

I have run the City to Surf three times before, but I was at least 16 years younger and 40kg lighter.  So why am I punishing myself this year?  Because I promised my 10 year old daughter Lucy, she wants to run the City to Surf because she is a good cross country runner. And as a devoted father, I figure its not a good idea to allow my daughter to run in a crowd of 82000 people alone.

 An added motivation this year for me, is that we will be raising money for the Autism Advisory Service. This service does not receive any Government funding, and as a parent of three Autistic children I know that getting help for them can often be confusing and complicated. This truly essential service helps parents navigate the path to diagnosis and get information when they need it most. You will find a box over on in the sidebar (right) where you can sponsor us and support this great cause.

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