I’m bored mum.

As you may (or may not) be aware, school holidays start tomorrow. Yes really they do.  I know, it only seems like we just had holidays right? I’m sure school only just resumed, how did it get to be the last week of the term? What am I supposed to do with kids at home in July? It’s too cold to go outside and play.

It’s only a matter of time, before the inevitable and incessant whining begins. Muuuuuuum, I’m bored.  I give the kids two days and they’ll be into the chat, as loud a thousand vuvuzela at a soccer match (the MOST annoying sound in the world).  The time to get some holiday activities sorted is now! I should really get onto it.  A great idea for keeping the kids busy, was sent to me by the nice people at 360 Degrees Focus and Colorific.

 Wood Worx Pull Back Racer kit, yes there is some assembly required 😉  Boys love these kits.  A great activity for Dad to do with the kids, it will keep them out of your hair for at least an hour, just think of what you could do with that hour?! 

My little boys really enjoyed building these cars, well they ‘helped’ mum and dad build them.  Kids under ten will need a lot of help with the instructions, and patience as they wait for the glue to dry at each stage – because they want to play with them now!  So, straight out of the box you get the makings for two pull back race cars. Everything you need is including, glue, paint, motor thingy and stickers.  After painting them up, with a paint job that was very rough around the edges, my boy thought these cars they had created themselves were the most awesome toy in the house.  Just a simple wooden car, how good is that.  I think one of them went to school today with a race car in their pocket.  These kits go for $24.99 rrp at all good toy stores, and for what you get in the box I think that is a reasonable price.  There are a lot of little pieces, so do your creating up out of toddler reach (easier said than done!).

I’ve been sent an extra kit, and I’d love to give it to someone who needs to entertain the kids these holidays too.  So please comment below to go into the draw, I would love to hear what boredom busting ideas you may have for this cold winter holiday break.  I will draw a winner on Friday the 8th of July 2011 (sorry Australian residents only, although I’d still love to hear ideas from my OS readers!)

And here is how ours turned out!



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  1. Bec S

    We have one more week of school/kindy here…so a little more time to sort out what to do.
    Lucky dip activities is always fun!! 3 containers with surprise activities, 1 for outdoor, 1 for indoor and 1 for higher cost activities. Write up and fold the activities and put into the appropriate container (e.g. higher cost include trip to zoo, movies, beach house etc, indoors = build cubby house, watch a DVD, read books, make cupcakes, outdoors = bike riding, play what’s the time mr wolf, have a picnic etc). then the kids can take turns in choosing a lucky dip, and that’s the activity you are going to do (let them know which container to pick from – the high cost ones are only like 1 per week).

  2. Bek

    I love chalk on our patio. Washes off, cheap and keeps them interested forever!

  3. Lisa abejja

    I would love this because I never have ideas to keep the clan happy and busy. My entire holidays are usually spent at home in the house and filled with cries of I’m bored, what can we do, can we go somewhere, why don’t we ever go away like OTHER families.

  4. Marita

    We’ve got a careful mix of playdates and days at home planned for the holidays. My girls are currently obsessed with washing cars so providing the weather holds good we will be out washing our car.

  5. Liz

    What I do is get some chalk and draw lines onto the concrete in our backyard as ‘roads’ which my darling loves to pretend to ride her scooter over! She even drew herself a ‘scooter licence’ with Crayola crayons! Definitely going to keep her entertained for a lot of the holidays!

  6. Tofu McNugget

    I have three boys. Please save us by sending me this kit! I’m out of ideas!

  7. Belinda L

    Our kids plan stage shows, they spend ages doing it and keeps them out of our hair for a day at a time.

  8. Good old chalk on the back patio. It can create games of hopscotch and our own family version of Mr Squiggle.

  9. My boys would love these cars.
    We cut up catalogues – they go through and cut up DVD’s we have or they want – keeps them busy for ages …though a bit messy to clean up.
    Sometimes we paste them onto a page.
    This would be perfect to make with Daddy and their big Brother …leave me time for catching up with google reader.

  10. We have had sock throwing games (I’ve blogged about it!) and tomorrow we are threading fruit loops onto string! See how many actually make it on the string!!

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