Make with the tissues. I’m sick. Yep I am, and do you want a free Koala?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you no doubt be aware that I’ve been dying with the flu.  Yes dying, I totally am.  This is worse than a manflu.  I want my mum to come bring me soup and tissues.  So when an email from good friends at FGB Natural Products arrived asking me to try the Euky Bearub, I asked them to send it express post.  Because I sick.  Am so sick.

So as I type, I am sitting here with Euky Bearub on my chest and it is doing well, it’s not too harsh and unlike a common popular brand, there is no burn.  The product is adult strength but safe for kids and sensitive skin types, and I really like that it comes in a tube and not a pot.  No more having to clean the liniment out from under your nails after you’ve scooped out some to put on bubs chest, or accidentally rubbing your eye after having forgotten to wash under said nails – not that I know anything about that 😮  If you have kids like mine, who have been known to eat the other brand straight from the pot, a tube is an awesome idea.  Yes, I wish I was kidding about that.

When I finish this post I plan on putting some Euky Bearub in the vaporizer, and hopefully I will get a nights sleep, I am already breathing better now.  I found out that Euky Bearub can also be used on muscular aches and insect bites, I would have never thought of that, will definitely give it a go on the next mossie bite.  Euky Bear is Australian made too, and has been around for 35 years, so it is an absolutely tried tested and trusted formula.  Hit the picture above to head to the Euky Bearub site for more info, or you can find/like them on Facebook.

Now, do you think this guy is cute? 

Want him for your very own?  Of course you do.  I want one.

FGB Natural Products would like to send three of my readers a cute Koala and a tube Bearub (Valued at $40au).  To be in the draw to win a Koala all you need to do is follow/like them on Facebook, and comment below to let me know.  And to be fair to my non-facebooking friends, just comment below with a cold and flu tip for me (as I needs it) and I will pop you in the draw.  I will announce the winners on the 10th July 2011.  (Aussie entries only sorry)


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17 Responses to Make with the tissues. I’m sick. Yep I am, and do you want a free Koala?

  1. I just liked them on FB. We are a house full of diseased people at the moment, so some Euky goodness and a lovely bear would cheer us up now end. Hope you feel better soon. xo

  2. I’d love to try it on my two little sniffle issues – too cute.
    Though I’d have to give the bear to a friend’s kid.

  3. Pam

    I Lied! This foreigner would love an aussie koala! ;D
    Cheers for the chance & get totally better soon! x

  4. Pam

    Lied? I didn’t lie, I liked!!!! LOL

  5. Nat

    Love euky bear rub. We’ve used it here heaps!

  6. Bec S

    I’ve liked Euky Bear Cough & Cold on FB!
    Get better soon Candy!

  7. Karly

    Oh no still sick! Or a new lurgy? We are on our second cold for the month 🙁

  8. Lou

    Hope you feel better soon matey!! Would love to try out something different, been a devoted Vicks follower my whole life!

  9. Jem George

    Rub it on your feet. I know it sounds weird but your nervous system runs to your feet and rubbing on feet works wonders for helping to suppress coughs esp in kids when it comes to bedtime. (socks are an obvious requirement post application)

  10. Liz

    I don’t have a facebook atm but my cold and flu tip would definitely be to take a day off as soon as one hits – there have been times when I’ve tried to keep going after getting a cold/flu and that always leaves me sicker for longer! My only other pearls of wisdom are to not cheapen out on tissues (those Home Brand ones will feel like sandpaper the 50th time you blow your nose) and that honey and lemon really does work to soothe a sore throat!

  11. I have liked them on facebook. Thankgoodness for Euky bear they area a lifesaver when my girls are sick.

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