Things are different now Mum.

You’ve probably thought this before, but I’m calling it.  Our parents didn’t have to deal with as much crap from their kids, as parents do today. 

Let me explain myself.  I am not talking about the usual challenges raising a family comes with, like money worries etc.  Of course that stuff will never change.  I am talking about how different kids are now, than we were as kids.   So much more different.

Think about how much more ‘stuff’ we have to worry about with our kids that was probably no more than just a tiny blip on our parents radar.  Stuff like safety, who remembers nicking off at dawn on the weekend and coming home when you were hungry – that is if your friends mum hadn’t fed you first.  Kids just can’t do this anymore, you have to know where your kids are all the time, who they are with and what kind of people they might be.  You have to call or meet a new friends parents first, before they can come over and play.  I miss the blissful ignorance we once had about all things sinister in the world. 

Then there is school, and the homework – I don’t know about you, but what the hell  is this little section for crap they do with mum and dad got to do with anything?!  Sure it is probably a well-meant little exercise in family togetherness, that somebody thought would be a brilliant idea.  But I have shit to do, and I think I’ve done enough homework just for me thank you very much.   Besides I think I need a do over of long division, especially now that the way maths is taught has changed… “That’s not how the teacher showed us how to do it mum!”

Kids have bigger attitudes now, and a sense of self-righteousness that didn’t arrive for me (and probably most of us) till somewhere in my teens.  Because I said so; was enough for ten-year old me.  That’s all I needed to know, mummy law had been enforced, now shut up and back out of the room slowly while you still could.  Whip that statement out in this household and the comeback is: Why Mum? But Jessica’s mum lets her do/say/play/eat/buy/go…    (Not picking out any Jessica in particular there, I’m not even sure which Jessica it could be, the school has about 40 of them and clearly their mothers must let them do everything they want).

We have to dress little fashionistas. It is no longer acceptable to just go out in whatever Mum dressed you in until you start dating, kids have to be seen in an outfit that probably costs more than what Mum is wearing.  It is likely that is looks better too, because Mum has to spend her clothing allowance on her mini fashionistas instead.  I’m pretty sure the Husband was still being dressed by his mum when we met. 😉

And whatever happened to playing with toys?  Kids don’t ask for dolls and toy cars anymore, you know what they want now?  Mobile Phones.  Who has a ten-year old daughter demanding one now, because apparently EVERYONE has one but her. Really who is she going to call, and how is she going to pay for it? She is counting on credit from the bank of mummy I’m guessing.  You know what I wanted at ten years old? One of these…

Oh I’m feeling old today.


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  1. Jeanette

    Thank you!!! That is exactly what I have been saying to myself since Brooke started school 8.5yrs ago. She was such a sweet little girl, then she started school and came home a changed child because so and so is allowed to do this that and the other. Now that she is in high school, she NEEDS her hair layered and dyed, she NEEDS to wear make up, she NEEDS the tight jeans, the short shorts, she NEEDS the iphone, the nintendo DS and she also NEEDS to not have a bedtime, because these are the things that everyone else has. Sorry girly, but I am not everyone elses mother, I am yours and until such time as you move out of home, I am calling the shots.

  2. YAY! Someone else is thinking like me!!
    I so so agree on how things are way more different.
    My 15 year old daughter is worse than her twin brother: want want want, need, need, need!!
    My daughter WANTS a iPod touch..
    Wants her Learner’s Licence…
    In my opinion a licence is a priviledge, not a necessity along with many of the other things a child wants.
    But you cant get through to the kids of today.
    None of this “I’d like this for more birthday please”… “Or that would be nice to have”
    And they just want money money money money…
    Whilst in my house, they live by MY rules, and be grateful for what I buy them until they are earning their own money.
    I am pleased that I am not alone on this one.

  3. Denise Enersen

    Keep up the good work girls. What happened to NO – and when they ask why -“because I said so”.
    Love your new website Candy. Looks great. xxx

  4. Val Teare

    So true .. But why oh why do mothers these days give two year olds choices. What do you want to eat/drink/wear, where do you want to go/sit/sleep?? When will parents wake up to the fact that they are in charge and responsible for the well being, health and safety of their children.

  5. I’m currently fending off requests from Miss 5 to start dancing lessons. Nothing wrong with dancing itself, that hasn’t changed since my day (such an old person expression that, must stop using it). What I’m objecting to is these 5 year olds performing in more makeup than a $10 hooker and spray tans! Trying to find childrens activities that are still childlike is becoming more and more difficult.

  6. I’m thankful that we have the internet so we can all learn from each other and feel like we have a community even though it’s not in person. These days parenting IS hard but imagine being Temple Grandin’s mom? Jeepers.

    I’ve noticed kids these days have a harder look in their eyes. They have seen too much already. It makes me sad 🙁

  7. Kellie

    I had THE EXACT same CABBAGE PATCH DOLL!!!! I had to save all my money from birthdays and christmas’s to get her. Her name is Christine and I still have her! Oh how I cherished that doll!!

    But yep, yep & yep!! Such different times these days. I have miss 9 asking for a facebook account & a phone. But nope, sorry love!!

  8. JeniB

    I am hearing you – We don’t have many electric gizmo’s in our house – thankfully the kids just don’t seem interested – although my 8 year old thinks he needs a phone – apparently most kids in his class have one !!!I so wanted a cabbage patch kid when I was a kid – to no avail – we lived on a farm and grew cabbages – Mum thought it was cute that we were “real” cabbage patch kids – I brought one for my daughter for her 1st xmas.

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