Stella and Sam Adventures for the iPad – Backyard at Twilight

Zinc Roe Games have done it again.  The latest edition (app) of Stella and Sam Adventures for the iPad, Backyard at Twilight, is just beautiful.  Thanks again for asking me to try it out guys.

This app is only $3.99AU in the Apple iTunes Store, and in my opinion is a bargain when you look at the high quality of the app.  The animated story is beautifully illustrated and the interactive games work seamlessly into the story, my daughter Georgie plays it over and over.  I think this story has to be one of my favourite Stella and Sam adventures so far, just two little kids doing what little kids like to do.  Playing shadow puppets with the torch, and making pictures out of the stars, I love it.  On the technical side, I have not experienced any hangs or pops up with this app, and best of all there are no in app purchases (that sort of thing really annoys me).  Zinc Zoe were kind enough to send me an extra code, for one of my readers to give the app a go.  Danni Reichel volunteered, and here’s what she thought:   

My little boy just loves using the ipad and it is fantastic to watch him go straight to this book over the other applications. He often starts up the app and says my name over and over and over again until he has my attention before saying “look. Cool”. He is a little man of few words so knowing that he loves this app brings a smile to my face.
The animation captivates him and he is excited to show me how it works and how he can complete the activities. I can definitely recommend this app to all.


Play alongside Stella and Sam and their dog Fred as they spend a night camping out in their backyard. Look for bugs in the tent, discover constellations among the stars and learn about shapes with the fireflies. From zinc Roe games, the makers of the award-winning Tickle Tap Apps, the Stella and Sam Interactive Adventures combine stunning animation with three elegantly-designed activities.

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