While I was sleeping…

My biggest girl is spending the weekend with her grandparents to see Walking with Dinosaurs (lucky girl!), so this morning I woke to no fights, coincidence?  While I arguing with myself, about daring to put my toe out from under the doona (on this minus 5 morning) to go turn the heater on, I am became aware of small sounds.  Someone was up, and quietly busy. 

Tom was up, and it seems I forgot to lock the pantry and fridge before I went to bed or (and most likely) is the Husband didn’t lock them after having his breakfast this morning.  There was Tom, happy, greasy, eating a tub of margarine and MY chocolate stash – this from a kid who won’t gain weight?

It didn’t end there.  I found Georgie had taken to her room with the guinea pig, out of his cage, and Henry was hiding with the iPad.  And I don’t really want to describe what the babies had done to their cots. O_o

So maybe there could be something in our usual morning fight club alarm clock?  Could it be that our little mother hen Lucy is keeping them out of trouble, maybe.  Yeah, I’ll choose to believe that.  🙂


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  1. Oh no! I hate mornings like that. My little one got the chocolate syrup out the other day. Talk about a sticky mess.

  2. Oh my. Sounds like your girl was helping you out. 😀

  3. Delighted to hear it’s not just Munchkin who chows down on a tub of butter lol. She’s been known to take a bite out of each item she “likes” in the fridge too. Usually quiet means she’s up to no good but hey the lie in and hour of cleaning up can be worth it for that few extra mins in bed sometimes 🙂

  4. Thanks ladies.
    Just now, while I wrote that he got into my jar of hot chocolate powder and ate it. There’s no stopping him!

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