The Sleep Study

My littlest girl had to have a sleep study last week, because she snores.  Okay maybe she more than just snores (a lot like both her grandfathers combined), we are also little worried she may have mild sleep apnea.  She did so well with all the cables and sensors, I still can’t believe she sat there and let the nurses apply them all with no fuss, and the slept through the night without pulling them off.  Yet when I went to brush her hair in the morning once they were all removed, she screamed like I had branded her. Clearly she saves her overly sensitive to everything behaviour, just for her parents then?

Sock monkey had to have a sleep study too.  The nurses at the John Hunter Hospital sleep study clinic and the Doctor we saw beforehand, have to be the most personable hospital staff I have come across to date.  They knew exactly how to get Georgie to do everything they needed her to do, and they did this so well it became fun for her and she started asking when the ‘doctors’ where coming back to her bed.  How good is that.

Thanks to everyone who sent me messages during the week checking up on me, very much appreciated – glad to know I was missed 😉


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  1. Bec

    She looks like she did so well. Did you get the results back yet?

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