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I have had a MASSIVE week, I’ve had no time to scratch myself this week at all.  I have been running all over the country side with Miss Georgie having studies done and the like, and my blog has been neglected.  So it was very nice to open my messages and find this:

Bestowed upon my blog by the lovely Pam at Mama’s Sewing Room, thanks Pam!  Pam has a beautiful new blog about the things she creates and places she goes, do check it out. 

Now the conditions of getting this award say; that I must pass it on to ten more bloggers and share ten things about myself, I did try to back track and find the original creator of this award so I could give them credit but came to a stop around six blogs back, sorry.  But that doesn’t make the sentiment behind it any less 🙂

So, ten things about me…

I am probably addicted to social media.  I like things with an apple on them.  I also like things with Hello Kitty on them.  Dark chocolate gives me migraines.  Am a closet hippy, without the ideals.  I have seven kids, but you knew that.  I have only just become a stay at home mum, and am still adjusting. I obsess over all things Tokidoki.  I get excited about going to Officeworks.  I waste hours looking for geekery crafts on Etsy.

I’d love to share this award with these lovely bloggers…

Stuff with Thing, Living with Autism, My Little Drummer Boys, Canberra’s got style, FrogsPondRock, RedSultana, That’s Noice!, The Beet Goes On, Picklebums, My Three Ring Circus – these are blogs I love!


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  1. Wow, thank you so much. You made my day xx

  2. Pam

    Thanks for the link Candy & congrats to lisadom, tiff all the other Kreativ Bloggers 🙂

  3. Thank you so much 🙂

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