Tangled – Rapunzel let down your hair!

Once again I must thank the good people at Porter Novelli and Disney, for sending us a copy of the new movie Tangled to review.  It made our two small princesses very happy. 

Now here is a movie with a song in its heart, and lots of it.  I don’t normally like musicals, okay maybe I’ll watch Glee sometimes but it usually just the tribute shows, but come on… people just don’t burst into song in everyday life!  Mandy Moore voices the part of Rapunzel, you know the story – Rapunzel is locked up in a tower by the evil Gothel, lets down her hair and yada yada – the fairy tale.  I don’t recall this story being made into a film before, I could be wrong though? 

Something I’ve noticed is that fairy tales are no longer about happily ever after anymore are they, and I like this direction movies are now taking.  It makes kids movies fun for everyone.  This is not just a damsel in distress story, that damsel is now an action hero (which makes this movie appeal to little princes as well).  Think about Princess Fiona in Shrek, that gal had some chutzpah, Rapunzel is no exception.  For someone who has been locked up in a tower for 18 years, she can really kick butt. 

The hero Flynn Rider voiced by Zachary Levi, provides most of the laughs in the film – and I’m not ashamed to admit – he has a voice I could listen to ALL day. (Oh dear, lusting after an animated character, I must get out more). My kids have watched this movie over and over since it arrived.  There are lots of parts for mum and dad to giggle at the kids won’t get 😉 , and slap stick fall down fights and chases for the little ones – not to mention the singing.  A great addition to the movie library for the whole family I reckon.

Tangled will be released in stores on DVD today!  However…

Would you like to win a free copy of Tangled for your Prince or Princess?  Just pop a comment below telling me what your favourite fairy tale is/was and you’re in the draw.  (Sorry Australian residents only). Will draw a winner on the 17th of May, so get in quick.


More about the story….

The tale begins with Mother Gothel and a magical flower which holds the key to eternal youth and beauty. Discovering the flower’s influence, Mother Gothel hides it for her own selfish needs, until the kingdom initiates a desperate search for the healing plant to cure the sick, pregnant Queen. The glowing flower is found, and Baby princess Rapunzel is born with magical abilities in her golden locks. Still longing for her fountain of youth, Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and locks her away in a hidden tower for eighteen years, raising her as her own child.

Tower-bound, and led to believe the outside world is a dangerous place, Rapunzel (voiced by MANDY MOORE) has only her 70 feet long golden hair, her dreams, creative spirit, her pet chameleon Pascal and the mesmerizing floating lights that she sees from her tower window every year on her birthday to keep her spirit alive. Her life as she knew it is about to change when the kingdom’s handsome outlaw picks the wrong place to hide.

In comes Flynn Rider (voiced ZACHARY LEVI), charming and on the run from the law with a stolen jewel. Stunned and caught off guard, Rapunzel does what she knows best and uses her long locks to capture him.  Realising this could finally be her opportunity to satisfy her curiosity for the outside world, she strikes up a deal with Flynn who agrees to escort her to the floating lights that she has forever longed to see.Going against Mother Gothel’s rules, the spirited beauty escapes from the tower with Flynn for the first time in almost two decades and together, the duo embark on a hilarious, hair-raising adventure complete with unexpected heroes, Flynn’s unwilling sidekick Maximus and plenty of discovery along the way.


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23 Responses to Tangled – Rapunzel let down your hair!

  1. I’m in the US and I already own a copy of Tangled. I just wanted to say that it is a fantastic movie. My 18-month-old daughter sings, dances, and acts out the whole thing. My 12-year-old likes it too.

  2. Dominie

    My favorite princess would have to be Ariel (the little mermaid) I loved that movie growing up who doesn’t want to grow legs and get out there into the world ??? She had a beautiful voice too and a hunky prince who would stab a HUGE octopus for her lol what more can you ask for 🙂
    I really enjoyed tangled too (yes i took the kids too and they enjoyed it as well lol)it’s good to see a princess kicking butt and I love the songs

  3. Michelle Cochrane

    My favourite fairy tale has to be Snow White, I still cannot believe that a story was written about a young lady living with SEVEN men, man the neighbours must have had a field day.

  4. My all time favourite fairy tale is Hansel and Gretle. I love the lessons to be learned around delayed gratification and avoidiing the temptations put before us through lifes journey that may not be in our best interests….. (meanwhile I’ll munch on the licorice strap window frames from the edible witches house)

  5. Bec

    Ohhhh I would love a copy of Tangled…we were going to see it when it was at the movies but ran out of time!

    My favourite fairy tale is Hansel and Gretel. I love how the brother and sister duo can out-win over evil!

  6. Leila

    I was lucky enough to take all 6 of us off to the movies for this fantastic movie. Everyone of us loved it, hubby and I giggled our way through some of it our 11 year old son enjoyed it (which is rare if it isn’t all action packed!) our 5 year old princess loved every bit of it, the 3 year old boy loved the horse… and that is all we heard about for days! and i assume our now 10 month old son loved it too but he slept for most of it.

    My favourite fairytale would have to be Alice In Wonderland, i completely got the being lost in a fantasy land as that is how i am when i pick up a good book. And hey Alice was just a normal little girl not one of those princesses who always seemed to have everything they wanted without seeming to have much fun getting them.

  7. I know a little girl who would LOVE to have this movie!!! 🙂

    My fav fairytale is Cinderella. It’s a feel good one where good can overcome evil! (Yeah, I know they all are! lol)

    lisagoneaussie (at) gmail.com

  8. Heidi McCulloch

    Saw this movie with my dad and I loved it. Would recommend it to all my friends 🙂

  9. peskypixies

    My fave is Beauty and the Beast.

  10. My favourite has to be Cinderella. I remember as a little girl reading it over and over again and wishing my fairy godmother would come and turn me into a princess so I could go to the ball. 25 years later and I’m still waitng…and waiting.

  11. Jeanette

    My favourite fairy tale would have to be Beauty And The Beast. I just love how it shows that people shouldn’t be judged on looks, true beauty comes from within and it also shows that love conquers all and it doesn’t matter what other people think.

  12. rubina merchant

    My favourite fairy tale is snow white and the seven dwarfs. I like it because i played snow white in school when i was small 😉

  13. Rohan Cowley

    I would have to say my favourite fairy tale is Peter Pan because he is adventurous and forever young.

  14. Lou

    I always loved Hansel and Gretal for it’s wickedness!

  15. Jo-Anna Apelt

    My favorite Dysney Fairytale would be Beauty and the Best. I love it and happily sing along with all the songs. Please can I win…..Please, Please, Please.

  16. robyn spurrier

    mum loves the movie she will watch it with the kids.

  17. mandy watts

    My all time fairy tale would have to be cinderella, I would read it all the time wishing that my fairy tale would come true

  18. I loved The Little mermaid – Arial’s sing voice 😉

  19. Kellie

    My favourite fairy tail would have to be Shrek!
    I have always felt a little Cinderella’ish, the mistreated but found love in the end.. *sigh*
    But once Shrek came into my heart. I was delighted (and dared to dream) that even the most smelly, eccentric, grumpy, set in his ways, ogre can find friendship and eventually love. This is not a wish for me but my son….xx

  20. Denise Enersen

    How entertaining was Tangled!!!!! Don’t know who got more of a laugh, me or the grandchildren.
    Favourite – definitely Cinderella. Loved it as a kid and now take pleasure in reading it to the grandchildren and they love it as well. xx

  21. Have drawn a number!

    AND THE WINNER IS……. Mandy Watts!

    A copy of Tangled is coming your way very soon Mandy, thanks for entering 🙂

  22. Rupunzel is my favourite and still is today. it is my inspiration and also my nickname. my hair is blond and down passed my knees (not quite as long as her … YET) but hopefully one day it will touch the ground.

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