Never leave the room…


Because this is what can go down. I was out of the room for maybe a minute? Look at the bright side, at least it’s Vegemite. 😉 I know what you were thinking…


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10 Responses to Never leave the room…

  1. LOL! Sadly, I can relate..

  2. I’m amazed there’s not more all over HIM, too!

  3. Had the same experience with peanut butter earlier this week. Fun times.

  4. Yep at least it was Vegemite. Annie was a smearer of everything she could get her hands on. Glad she grew out of it.

  5. At least they’re a happy little vegemite 😀

  6. Glad it’s not just my kids lol 🙂

  7. Thank god it’s only vegemite!! Can’t use that here, they would think it was something else. xx

  8. that’s so funny !!

    Now come on… Admit it. We’ve ALL wanted to do this 😛

  9. lol oh dear that is hilarious im glad it is vegemite 🙂

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