Kind of a big deal.

Just when I though this week couldn’t suck anymore, this happened.

This, makes moving my family from one end of the state to the other worth it.   Screw the royal wedding, send that ticker tape over to my house my autistic daughter just read to me!


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10 Responses to Kind of a big deal.

  1. Danni

    Candy that is so awesome. She is doing so well. You should be very proud!!!
    I loved how she could point out the difference. =D

  2. Don’t Argue! I won’t. xxooxx

  3. Leimay

    Yay… congrats to your princess and to you of course… i imagine it made an ordinary day extraordinary

  4. Lisa

    Go Georgie, awesome stuff 🙂

  5. Ali

    That is flipping awesome!!!!
    Well done Girl.

  6. Jeanette

    That is awesome!! I hope she is as proud of herself as you are of her!

  7. Oh thats so awesome!!! She speaks beautifully and definitely recognises different words. A big congratulations to your Georgie, you certainly deserve that ticker tape x

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