Best Australian Blogs – People Choice Award – Please vote!

I am very excited to tell you all, that I am nominated for a People Choice award in the Sydney Writers’ Centre – Best Australian Blogs 2011.  The prize is worth a thousand dollars, from the Writers’ Centre – I’m telling you this because I dearly want you to vote for me – so I can do some of their fabulous courses, and I simply will never (ever) be able to justify, nor afford, to spend that kind of money on myself.   So please click the link above and vote, you can vote for more than one blog and you only get to vote once – so don’t forget your other favourite blogs, should they be on the list too.  Thank you everyone, and good luck to my fellow nominees. Voting closes on Thursday May 5th.


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6 Responses to Best Australian Blogs – People Choice Award – Please vote!

  1. Kym - Mumma's Mini Me's

    I voted for you before, goodluck!!

  2. Leanne Cotte

    I voted..Good luck Candy.

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