Gotta go…. fight club.

Here we are half way through the school holidays, and lordy me haven’t the fights started.  It doesn’t help that it has turned quite cold outside, and the kids being perpetual bags of snot are not able to go out and play.  Thomas is demanding to watch the same dvd on a loop, Lucy is forcing the toddlers to play house and by the sounds of it everyone wants to be the head of the household.  I’m waiting for the neighbours to call in a noise complaint.  I tried getting them excited about cleaning up the house, but alas they didn’t buy it.

It’s at times like this that I find myself questioning how maternal I really am.  Really.   And I think I’ve said this before, having children doesn’t necessarily make you instantly maternal.

However I don’t think I am alone here.  Last week I watched my mum friends tweet and facebook their apparent joy at the holidays starting.  Uh, huh.  This week I notice those same updates are starting to twitch a little.  It seems that Baby Fight Clubs are popping up all over the place, and I know the rule – you don’t talk about fight club. 

What went wrong? Where did all those lovely tweets about spending some quality time with your (cutesy poo, wonderful, gorgeous cherubs) children go?  They have been replaced with:  Oh gods come save me from my children, before they eat me alive! 

Pictures are starting to appear on feeds of children in varying states of disarray, bathrooms painted with toothpaste, bookcases disemboweled and cheeky faces covered with nappy creme.  The week before saw pictures of happiness as Easter Bonnet parades went down.  Where did we go wrong?

I know my Mum would have loved school holidays with us.  That’s because we’d nick off after breakfast and only come back at dark, that is if someone elses mum hadn’t fed us first.  Why don’t I have a low maintenance kid like me?  That’d rock.  I think there is a pressure on Mums now to be seen spending more time with your kids, and there is guilt that comes along with it if you don’t.  Having that dvd playing on a loop today is making me feel somewhat (very) guilty, but if think we Mum’s need to cut ourselves some slack before we go completely batty.

So this holidays I’ve decided to chill out, whatever the kids get up I’m going to suck it up shake it off (maybe shout a little, just a little) and repeat a mantra – school goes back on the 28th school goes back on the 28th – as I lock the fridge and pantry for the hundredth time.

Oh,and rant about them on Twitter.  What else is twitter for, if not to complain and whine, and substitute in for absent (and very lucky) spouses? 😉


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  1. School holidays are great, so long as I get a little me time.

    I do wonder if other mothers get told off by their children for having the music too loud.

  2. Jeanette

    I love school holidays, as long as the sun is shining and it isn’t bitterly cold. Because then I can kick them all outside. That said, I have a 4yr old outside screaming at the top of his lungs for brother and I have a 6yr old screaming and shouting at his 12yr old sister because she wont stop kicking him. She has been kicking him for a week, I think it might be time to tie her feet together and then tie her hands to her feet so she doesn’t kick him again.
    Yesterday I had my 13yr old “forget” to take his medication, she he spent the entire day hitting and kicking his siblings, telling them to shut up and also calling them F words that I didn’t even know existed.

    • Ah yes, I can recall thinking about hog tying this lot 😉 Especially on road trips… just kidding.

      • Jeanette

        In Bathurst last week I dropped Brooke off on the side of the road and drove off because she had thrown a 15min long tantrum like a 2yr old over me not buying her a pair of crutches! She can walk perfectly fine, why am I going to waste good money on a pair of crutches that she doesn’t need?
        I only left her there for 2mins tops….enough to worry her just a little. But she ehaved afterwards.

  3. I wish I had a child who would just go outside and play too. Although, she is only three, so I’m probably asking a bit much just yet!!!! LOL
    I was exactly the same as you as a child. We went outside after breakfast and returned somewhere near dinner time. Makes me now wonder what my mum used to do. She certainly didn’t have the internet! 🙂

  4. Adrienne Doyle

    ah yes the school holiday Do they time these breaks with the full moon to have all the madness of the kids at home instead of
    My two were particually wound up yesterday, and i just took a back seat and let hubby do his best cause its normally mammy here that sorts out everything. Think number one son was stressed out cause of the sun, he really has senory issues that put him on overdrive with his autism, and as for my very own life size peppa pig daughter who has aspergers, well she decided to made mud puddles and then cover the black lab dog in the stuff. GGGRRR
    that was our lovely
    Thanks for ur lovely blog candy, brought a smile to my

  5. I’m with you. I only have 2 girls, but I have never heard so much arguing in my life. And for the first time ever, it turned physical last week. DOn’t get me wrong, it would have been in no way as physical as boys can get, but for them….it just shocked me.

    And because we are having our family break after Easter, they don’t go back until the 4th… me!!!!
    Good luck with yours. 🙂

    K xx

    • It is so startling when they start to punch on, especially when they are small – how do they know, it has to be something primal. I can still remember my shock at seeing my one and two year (now 10 & 11) getting into a wrestle over a toy. 😮

  6. Next school holidays I’ll probably be joining the club! After at least 15 years of freedom from it! What have I done!!! LMAO

  7. For the record I offered my 13 year old up for adoption 6 hours into the school holidays.

  8. It’s sweet there are moms who have such high hopes for extended school holidays. Sweet, but incredibly naive. Our spring break was awful, as all breaks are. The only time five kids are of one accord is when they’re plotting to send their harried mother to the mental ward with their petty arguments, whining, and all out brawls. Only 3 weeks until the 3 month summer break. God help me.

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