My Colour Cup – saves on washing up.

I recently attended the Aussie Mum Bloggers conference in Sydney, and I came away with a massive bag of goodies.  The contents of which I am still plowing through, one notable product which I found very practical in a household such as ours, was the My Colour Cup.

Personalised Plastic Cups

Created by a mum who got as cranky with washing up a bazillion cups each day as much as I do! My kids simply will not use the same cup all day, I am forever rousing on them (between fending them off the fridge and pantry – oh these holidays are driving me spare) Anyways….. about the cup.

This clever little cup can hold up to six names, and you simply turn the band around to show the name of the cups user for that day.  Why didn’t I think of that?  I’ve been putting my sample cup through the dishwasher and the printing has not budged, and at $24.99 for a set of six that’s not bad value – around 4 bucks a cup really.  Something for my large family friends to check out I think.


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  1. Danni

    That sounds really good. I was bought up with a set coloured plastic cup. I was only allowed to use that cup. If I dirtied it I was responsible for rinsing it after each drink.
    It worked really well. Mum implemented it after getting sick of washing up HEAPS of cups.

  2. Great article, thanks for writing letting your readers know about my product. Can’t wait to get your blog updates, with 7 kids I can imagine some funny stories.

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