Taking a walk.

Here we are, its Monday again.  Official day one of the school holidays.  I can’t contain my excitement, can you tell?  But for the children I will try to be.  So yesterday I made a canopy for an old wagon, we used to drag stuff around our land (at our previous home).  I figured one way to burn some calories and tire out kids, was to explore our new town walking – unfortunately three toddlers can’t walk that far or fast.  Actually my real motive here is to get our big Autie Boy so buggered he passes out some time before 1am, but as I type he is bouncing off the ceiling. Damn.


Georgie (our big autie girl) spent most of the journey demanding that we stop and chase cats, Charlie and Austin loved it.  Every person we passed loved it too.  Henry (Future Dark Overlord) was absent for this escapade, because 1. he is WAY too naughty to go anywhere lately and 2. his preschool stays open for school holidays, so win!

So if you happen to be down this way and pass this spectacle during your travels, do stop and say hi – and give me a hand to pull this sucker along!


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  1. Love that wagon! The littles look to be having great fun- but it looks like a hard job for you to be pulling it. Can you attach it to a bike (or two) somehow? Then you all could get about a bit more easily. Perhaps big boy could help work it? With luck he would be asleep before midnight 🙂 x

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