Tiredness = Tantrums, from Mummy!

For the last four weeks Henry has been getting up at around 3 to 4am.  Oh the joy.  While I know I can survive without sleep, the cracks are starting to show and not only as crow’s-feet.  My question is, how does Henry manage it?  As I type the little bugger is dancing around behind me watching Futurama, pretending to limbo like Hermes Conrad.  It is clear my diet should consist of cordial and buns, that’s what keeps him going and going and going.

…. end rant.


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  1. Ro

    Oh, yay, we went through this a few years back – we would hold Aspie teen in bed with us ( us = muggins me) and hold him in firmly until he gave up screaming/fighting/kicking/punching/trying-to-launch-a-nuclear-missile-from-his-lungs until he learnt to lie there….not sleeping, not liking it, not be a happy camper but he lay there.
    Relaxing still hasn’t kicked in and he’s 14…..

  2. Bec

    And I thought Savannah’s early starts were bad…she did 4.30am Tuesday and 5.30am today.

  3. 3 to 4am?????


    I will never complain about my toddler’s 6am-on-the-nail starts again. Don’t know how you’re surviving.

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