Meet Stella and Sam on the iPad – Preschool Apps

Yeah yeah I know, I’m blogging about the iPad again.  But the lovely people at Stella and Sam & Zinc Roe Games, asked me to check out their new release preschool App.  I’m glad they did, because we loved it.

How cute are these little people.  The app is a beautifully animated story starring Stella and Sam, taking them through a short adventure looking for their lost things.  Throughout the adventure little interactive games for your children to complete as part of the story, my autistic four-year old daughter loved ‘dressing’ the snowman and wiping away the snow to find hidden things, and the games are not the same everytime.  Excellent fine motor skill exercises.  I think I’m going to have to download more Stella and Sam when they come out, the HD screen of the iPad really presents children’s app brilliantly – especially something drawn as beautifully as Stella and Sam.  It’s based on the television show and the bestselling picture book series by Marie-Louise Gay. 

“Stella and Sam is about engaging children to discover and explore the world around them, sparking children’s imaginations and encouraging their creativity.”Marie-Louise Gay, author and creator.


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  1. Ro

    I’m loving these apps, just starting to get into them with my new phone and found one or two for my Aspie teen 🙂
    I so wish this technology was around when he was younger!

  2. Zinc Roe are brilliant – they won a WSA award for Tickle Tap – the app that proves that babies can use iPhones.

    Had the best time with 4 year Jessica my niece when I was in Ballarat. She was playing with the Kindergarten ABA apps on iPad while I tried to amuse her little sister, 1 year old Daisy with my iPhone. Of Course that wasn’t good enough for Daisy who wanted to help “touch blue” on the iPad. And when Jess got a question right and the App played applause sound… Daisy CLAPPED! god I love typical kids!!

  3. Dont have an iPad but an iPhone and itouch. Does it work on them? Love ABA apps. Have you checked out the apps? Theyre still free on iTunes and have been great for Munchkin 🙂

    • Yes we love the kindergarten apps, I think I’ve got most of them!
      So far these apps are only for iPads, they really are a big screen app. But if I find out they decide to do an iPhone app I’ll let you know.

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