Does it all come out in the wash?

The lovely people at Bosisto‘s have been kind enough to send me their new Laundry Powder to try.   Bosisto’s EucoFresh Laundry Powder.  As you can imagine we do a lot of washing in this household, well actually lucky for me the Husband shoulders most of that responsibility – yes I know.   So the product tester in this instance has been the Husband, and he has been suitably impressed.  Although I’m sure he is probably not impressed that I have outed him as being a very domesticated Husband, who occasionally raves about washing powder.  But he really does rate this powder well.   The first thing that we both noticed about this washing powder was the scent, a good strong eucalyptus – which can still be smelt on the clothes when you bring them in from the clothes line.  And then there was the packaging, the powder is in a resealable bag inside the box – great for safety – and the scoop is not chucked in with the powder as it is usually with other brands, I like that. I don’t like digging through the powder to find the scoop, I almost always spill it.  As for performance, the Husband is a warm wash person, I am a cold wash.  In both hot and cold washes we didn’t see any powder residue left on the clothes and the resulting clean was very good.  The husband also noted that you use less to get things clean, we managed to make a box last a fortnight.  A box of this washing powder will set you back around $8 at the supermarket, but since it goes the distance it does make it economical to buy.  The Husband has already told me to buy it again.



Bosisto’s would like to give you (my lovely readers) a chance to try it for yourself, and want to give six of you a box to try.  So for my Aussie readers (sorry to my O/S friends) please pop in and leave me a comment telling me if you’d like to try it, there is a catch however – I want you to pop back here and tell us what you thought of it, too easy!  First in best dressed etc.

Here is some more info about the washing powder for you:

Bosisto’s EucoFresh is unique. Not only is it free from any chemical nasties – and this will become more and more important as your children grow – but its gentle formula contains the real, grime-busting power of 100% natural Eucalyptus Oil.  So it actually works, which helps when you face a sea of grubby clothes catastrophes almost daily!  Washing load apon load of 0000 clothes prior to the big arrival? You want the first touch on your baby’s skin to be pure fresh cotton, not chemicals. EucoFresh contains no fillers and is totally soluble, meaning there are absolutely no particles left trapped in clothes fibres… welcome peace of mind for any new mum.  Asthma and allergy friendly, the gentle EucoFresh formula is great for older kids (and adults!) clothes too.  Plus it’s 100% biodegradable, which means you can use the grey water on your garden. Some “environmentally friendly” washing powder formulas don’t really give a good clean.  Bosisto’s EucoFresh breaks the mould with a highly effective formula that easily emulsifies any stains your children can throw its way – including food stains, baby posset and even dreaded “poo-splosions”! With real Eucalyptus Oil deodorising as it cleans, your clothes (even hubby’s socks!) emerge delightfully fresh, crisp and clean. Starting to care more about what you’re putting in your washing machine? Prioritise your family’s health, naturally – with Bosisto’s EucoFresh Laundry Powder. RRP $7.99 for 1.5kg, available at Woolworths supermarkets nationally.


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29 Responses to Does it all come out in the wash?

  1. Lou

    I’d like to try it as my hubby works awfully hard and always comes home stinky, especially his work socks. Would like to find something a little less harsh than washing powder chock full of chemicals to rid his work clothes of their stank! Something I could use for bub too.

  2. Sure – why the hell not ???

    Can I fashion it into a washing fairy? Just so I can claim I have one? ANd will it wash my fairy wings to pretty, cos, it seems, I am the washing fairy in this household 🙂

  3. Bec

    I would love to try one…I feell like I’m always washing (gosh and I only have 2 kids). I use aware now so love the chemical free stuff!

  4. Jen

    Would love to try please Candy!
    Chemical free with a new bub would be fantastic. At the moment I have 2 washing powders on the go and get so sick of it.

  5. Leila

    With a family of 5 i always struggle to find a powder that gets our clothes clean and doesn’t effect any of our skin… I’d love to try this and see if it is the one!

    • Leila

      Oops left hubby out of this hehe… We are a family of 6!!! lol how embarassing, lucky for me he wont be getting on here to see this!

  6. Leila

    As a family of 6 with various skin issues i’m always on the lookout for a powder that has a nice smell and doesn’t irritate or react with any of our skin.

  7. Jules

    Would love to try please 🙂

    • And thats 6!
      Thank you, will send you all a message soon. 🙂

      • Jules

        I just LOVE the smell as I first opened the box. I’ve never smelt any washing powder like it before, and it was glorious. However, I didn’t do the box up and after a few weeks the smell has gone. That is my own fault 😉 I would like it to be a little easier to reseal to keep the smell in for lazy people like me.

        It washed very well, and I used two scoops each time. I did notice *some* white powder left on some dark items, but it didn’t happen very often.

        I was happy with the powder and I would definitely buy it again.

      • Thanks for the feedback Jules!

  8. Bec

    I got my washing powder…can’t wait to try it!!

  9. Leila

    Powder arrived just as i was getting ready to do a load of washing (great timing right!) So i have done several loads with it and am loving the smell, the kids clothes have come out washed as well if not better than our previous detergent and i’m getting hints of the eucalyptus smell from the dryer now that i have put the underwear etc through it. So far a great big thumbs up… the real challenge is this in the next week when i finally get to the whites!

    • Great to hear, thanks Leila! How good is that scent, clothes smell so clean!

      • Leila

        Ok so i’m only half way through the box, have washed everything we would normally wash (well at least of one each type of load). Have loved the smell every time and even sent enough powder for a few loads home with my step mother to try as she too was impressed but dubious about the lack of chemicals… I still have 2 large boxes of the old type of powder and will use those but intend to buy some more of this one too.
        Plan of action for me is to use both powders and see if hubby can tell the difference in his clothes and if i can see a difference over time. Kids have several school uniforms and hubby has several work uniforms so i’m going to separate them into two groups and keep washing them in two loads, one with Bostitos and one with the old powder. This will give me a great idea of checking if the difference i have noticed is more than just because it is a ‘new’ powder and if it will continue to perform in the great ways it has long term.
        Please remind me in 2-3 weeks if i haven’t told you what i think again Candy would love to share what i have found during my comparison 🙂

  10. Lou

    Heya Candy, received the EucoFresh the other day and I’m so in love with it!! Thanks hey, works wonders on Billie’s nappies xxx

      • Lou

        My review:

        Upon opening the box of EucoFresh, the first thing I noticed was the delightful eucalyptus scent. It smells divine as well as very fresh and clean. The first load I used it on was my husband’s dirty work gear – pee-yew! I noticed straight away that when I dissolved it before adding it to the wash there were not granules left behind – it 100% dissolved. Lovely! I washed hubby’s stinky pants in cold water and once they dried in the sun, came back smelling nice and clean. There were no white streaks on the clothes either, another bonus!
        Next test was on my daughter’s cloth nappies. I have a hard time getting them fresh smelling and have used many different types of powders and liquids. The only washing powder I had found to work can only be bought online and cost an arm and a leg so sadly I can’t afford to use it. Once more I marvelled at how the EucaFresh dissolved completely. I washed a massive load of MCNs in warm water and was amazed at the result. They all smelt very fresh and hardly any urine odour was noticeable!!
        So to finish up, I LOVE IT! Will definitely be buying it again and once I checked their website and saw it’s available at my local, IGA. ALso big ticks for the environment friendly factor 🙂
        Thanks Candy, it’s fantastic!

      • Thanks Lou, glad you liked it – yes I know that MCN smell, it takes a tough laundry soap to knock that out!

  11. Lou

    Bah, I shoulda proof-read!

  12. Jen

    Hi Candy
    Thanks to you and Bosisto’s for the chance to review this fantastic product.

    So I received my washing powder last week the day after I had finished my washing so I couldn’t wait until I could use it.
    I like the outer packaging. It’s nice to be able to read what the product can do for your clothes. When I opened the box I was delighted to see the measuring spoon not in the powder. I hate having to dig through the powder to find the spoon. I used to use powder until I got so sick of digging I changed to liquid.
    I was also impressed with it being in a bag. I really dislike having powder all through my laundry because of leaky packaging. Another reason I turned to liquid. To be able to reseal the bag is fantastic, great idea!! I don’t know how many times over the years I have knocked my powder of it’s shelf. I love the eucalyptus smell, it was so much nicer than the usual highly perfumed chemical smell. Wash wise it is fantastic. I was really impressed after I had washed a load of cloth nappies and hung them to dry. They were so super soft, just like coming out of the clothes dryer and definately not stiff like being put on the line. Our daughter was sick last night so I was able to give it a good work out. It blitz through the mattress protector, sheets & blankets. My husband even commented on how good the bed linen smelt hanging on the line. He said it actually smelt fresh a& clean, not like perfume. Wow, must be good for him to notice.
    It certainly is nice to have one product to use for the whole families clothes. I will definately purchase this great product from now on and will also recommend it to others. Thanks again 🙂

  13. 806 loads of washing and it’s still going 🙂

    Gotta agree re the smell when you open the box, and the hint of tea-treey freshness when you open the machine to a pile of washed clothes. They actually smell cleaner with that scent 🙂

    Sadly, they didn’t go hang themselves out. Nor repel the then three days straight of rain we received.

    But the clothes are clean and smell nice 🙂

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