I’ve been playing hooky.

Did you notice?

Probably not, well maybe you noticed your email inbox was not being flooded by blog posts from me.  And was thinking PHEW!  

I haven’t been able to post much in these past couple of months, and I’ve missed it.   I’ve missed being able to interact with you all.  But, I’m BACK.  I’ve been so very busy with moving and getting all these kids into schools and early intervention etc, that I haven’t had a chance to do anything for myself at all.  Add to that I was suffering from migraines for most of February.  I just couldn’t function.  But some how I did, don’t ask me how.  Good god I need to spend some time getting  well, but hey what a gal to do with this many kids?  Suck it up and move on.  I’ve been getting by these past couple of months just doing the minimum needed to keep everyone going. 

So like I said, it’s time to suck it up Princess.  Need to get myself moving again.  This house ain’t going to run itself, nor are these kids going to get themselves off to school.  And on top of that I can’t find anyone to blog about it all for me.  Time to get on with it.

AND I’ve got the Aussie Mum Bloggers conference to go to in a weeks time?!?!  Lipsuction/Hairdressing/Makeup can be done quickly and on Medicare right?   Pfffft hairdressing? What the hell is that?   I’m hoping the dress code is jeans, ponytails and polo shirts? Yes?


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  1. Bec

    Welcome back Candy! I hope the conference is a blast! I’ve been reading about it on lots of blogs!

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