What’s this blogging crap all about then?

Someone asked me that over the past weekend.  What is this blogging crap all about then?  Ge’ez, there is nothing like stating your opinion right there in your question.

At the time I found myself faffing about for an answer that really covered it, but now that I’ve had time to think about it…

So what is this crap all about?  Well for me it started as a personal (yet public) space for me to talk about what was going on in my life, in the absence of anyone to tell it to in real life. With a spouse working shift work and very little in home support or an adult to talk to, whats a gal to do?

Parents of children with disabilities can lead very isolated lives, as it is very hard for us to go and do ‘normal’ things.  Simply accepting an invitation to a BBQ at a friend’s place can be hard because even though you can cope with your childs behaviour, not everyone else can or wants to.

Through blogging I have ‘met’ like minded parents.   They are going through the same thing, and the information sharing that goes on between us all now is awesome.  If you’ve encountered a problem with your child, chances are another parent has already navigated that issue and has a good tip for you.  It’s true blogging now has economic perks too, but that is just a bonus for me.  I’d be blogging regardless. However should it ever earn me real money, that would also be awesome 🙂  The readership I have gained in this first year of blogging stuns me every time I take a peak at my stats, and I am very grateful that so many people stop by and check out a piece of my world.

So there you have it. Blogging helps this little shut in get out there. 😉


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  1. I totally agree. As a special needs lone parent I am stuck in the house far more than I ever thought I could tolerate. And without the internet and my blog I would not be able to cope. I would be soo lonely and isolated and unsure what to do.

  2. whelanflynn

    I don’t have children with disabilities (although they are certainly quirkier than the average children), but as a full-time SAHM I hae appreciated the way social networking and blogging has made it possible for me to connect with people with similar interests around my commitments to my family.

    I have very few friends IRL who spent time online. I get vague, confused smiles when I mention my online writing, both blogging and freelance work. I find it really difficult to explain to them just how supportive and inclusive the online community is. I have made some fantastic friends online through blogging and Twitter and find it frustrating that many IRL friends are so dismissive of something that is a significant part of my support network as well as a workplace for me.

    I think that blogs are particularly great for finding support for special needs or finding people who share a niche interest. I can’t wait to go to AusBlogCon next month to meet some of the great bloggers that I’ve met in the past few years.

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