What did everyone else think? Finish Quantum Powerball Dishwasher Tabs.

I was asked recently to try out Finish Quantum Powerball Dishwasher tabs by my good friends at Soup and Finish, and I thought they were excellent – read about it here.

 Finish Powerball Quantum

So what did everyone else think? I sent off some to a my readers and asked them what thought (thanks again you lovely ladies for doing these little reviews, a gift card is coming your way from Soup).

Mandy Partridge said:

We normally use “Finish Powerball Max in 1”; in comparison, “Finish Powerball Quantum” cleans much the same.  When using “Max in 1” although we have found better than most powders, the glasses can be slightly dull and you normally have to get a teatowel and give the glasses a quick wipe to get rid of residue. 

When using Quantum however, the glasses were shiny and there was no soap residue left behind. 


Meg McWhirter said:

I just use the cheap dishwasher tablets usually as didn’t find a huge difference in the expensive ones and the cheap brand so didn’t think I’d find much of a difference with these new ones.

I was so wrong! I absolutely love the packaging. Not as fiddly as the cheapies where you have to get the little packet open and try not drop it! These new ones came covered in plastic that dissolves – very flash! I found not only my dishes were cleaner and had no spots but my dishwasher smells clean and looks all shiny and new. I am so impressed with these Finish Quantum Dishwasher tablets and will definitely be spending the extra money on these in the future. They are so worth it and my dishwasher just loves them too 🙂

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to review these. I wouldn’t have known how great they are otherwise. I will spread the word 😉

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6 Responses to What did everyone else think? Finish Quantum Powerball Dishwasher Tabs.

  1. Rach

    we got a new dishwasher at the end of last year, and our last one needed powder so we used the same stuff we had at our cafe. it was good but rather harsh, but as we just took bits home from the shop it was paid through the shop… with the new dishwasher the quantum tablets. and as a cheapskate i was going to use the free ones then resort to the powder from my shop, but they were so good, I was able to put delicate glasswear in the dishwasher and everything always looks great so i was converted, even though the alternative is free and with a family of six plus one that is a consideration, a big one, we are now purchasing the quantum tablets for our dishwasher…
    that was by the way a third of the cost of the old one..(i had fp draws) but it actually claens much better(dishlex) and i put that down to the quantum tablets

  2. Luccagirl

    We just bought a new Bosch dishwasher and it came with a sample of
    Finish Quantum tablets. We already had some leftover Cascade tablets
    which we used first and they did not compare to the Quantum tablets
    in ANY way. With the Quantum, we did not pre-rinse dishes, just scraped
    the food off, and the dishes came out clean. No coffee stains on cups or on
    plastic dishes either. Glasses come out shiny without film. These tablets
    cost a little more, but they are WORTH it!!!!!

  3. Sue Lunjevich

    I bought a Bosch dishwasher in December and it had a sample of Quantum Powerball so I have never used anything else.
    Mostly I am very happy with it but it has never completely cleaned the stainless steel dish I cook rice pudding in and tonight the roasting dish still had a lot of gunk stuck to the bottom. This is the first time that I have not pre rinsed and scrubbed the roasting dish.
    I think they are too much more expensive for what they are and for the results, especially when they say don’t pre rinse.

  4. faffatima

    iam very very disappointed with these tablets . they were half price at my supermarket so i thought i ll give them a try , they did not dissolve at all even at a high temperature . and it happened 3 times so i ll buy my cheaper brand that did the job much better .

  5. mrmedved

    I am very disappointed with “new” Quantum powerball product. They take markings off certain ceramic and glassware items which have previously been washed for years in other Finish powder and powerball products. I would not recommend them at all at the moment. There is clearly something amiss with them.

  6. Dean

    These quantum balls keep getting stuck and don’t dissolve like others have said. Very disappointing . Much prefer the older power ball! I won’t be buying them again.

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