What is amazing everytime?

The kind people at Soup and Finish set me some Quantum Powerball dishwasher tablets to try out, slighty awesome because we go through a lot of them.  Let’s face it with this many kids my dishwasher gets a work out, it gets at least two runs a day with this lot.  I simply can’t do without it now. Just this week we have moved to a new town and a new home, first thing I did was go and buy a new dishwasher.  See, can’t do without it. Actually the first few days here having to wash up after all these kids was exhausting, my hands were in the sink all day.

I was also sent a bunch of samples to share around, and thanks to Twitter and Facebook I found some willing volunteers – who will also be telling me what they thought of Finish Quantum Tablets too.  I will post my readers reviews over the next few days do come back to check them out, and I have a good reason for you to come back and check them out – there is an awesome prize to win at the end of the promotion.

Finish Powerball Quantum

I have already washed my way through the tablets I was sent and have bought them again, and I’ll admit they are not my usual buy at the supermarket because of the price.  And well we have to feed a crowd, so generic brands are usually the go – unless it comes down to taste and quality.  So I have made the change here, for the quality of the product.  One of these funky little tablets will get a very full dishwasher clean.  I really fill my dishwasher to the brim, a bit like someone playing Tetris when I think about it – you should see me packing the car for a holiday 😉  On a big load I used to throw in an extra tablet just to get it all clean, I haven’t had to do that with the Quantum tabs and the generic tablets didn’t achieve that squeaky clean shine the Quantum tablets do – yes the cups and saucer do squeak!

I probably should tell what makes these tablets so different yeah? Actually I’ll let the people from Finish do that:

Finish Quantum uses unique 3 chamber technology to deliver the promised result of ‘the cleanest, shiniest dishes’.

  • The PowerBall Gel delivers the shine.
  • The light coloured chamber is for high efficiency cleaning.
  • And the dark coloured chamber is the unique stain fighting technology to help breakdown food residues.
  • The plastic wrap on the tablet dissolves completely in the dishwasher which means less fiddling with packaging.
  • Finish conducted research on 8 different dishwashing products (from both the Finish range and competitors) and found that Finish Quantum was rated as the best, with 79% of testers rating it as ‘Excellent/very good’

 I’m yet to have them fail yet and I’ve used them on pans that have sat overnight and not been soaked. But don’t take my word for it 😉

I asked Jemma George to try out Quantum Finish Dishwasher tablets, and this is what she thought of them;
I was actually a bit surprised. I generally think that marketing hype is just that, hype. I tried the Finish Quantum product and really did think that my glassware especially did appear ‘shiny’ or at the very worst, didn’t have those annoying water marks once they dried. I generally use the Aldi product but might reconsider depending on the pricetag when I go check out the cost of Quantum in comparison.  Jemma will be sent a $20 Wish Card from Soup as a thank you for providing this review.

So about that prize? 

In a couple of days I will start a little contest, first prize is a $100 Wish Card & $50 for second prize – all you have to is tell me: What is amazing every time?  So put your thinking caps on as I will pop the contest page up on Saturday. 

You don’t have to write a masterpiece it can be as simple as: That peace that comes after you drop all the kids at school… amazing every time.

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  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

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