The Big Move.

Honey we’re home!  Well at a new home, well new for us but not exactly new – actually it is a bit of fright next to the nice new house I left behind. 

Anyhoo…  moving six kids is not easy, I think I am still trying to catch up on sleep. Had to leave my biggest kid behind with my parents, yes my heart aches about it, he is in Year 10 this year and will finish up High School back there. 

Why did we move so far away from everyone we know and love?  It wasn’t for work as we had perfectly good jobs there – it was because of Autism.

As you would be aware we have three kids with Autism, and living that far away from decent services was getting too hard to manage – so here we are in Goulburn, it took us two years to get transferred out.  And so far all things seem to be coming together, phew!

Last week I wouldn’t have been so sure. 

Last week saw me driving six children on my own (spouse was with the movers) in my two tonne bus, towing a trailer – 12 hours south – one end of the state to the other really.  I can’t believe we got here in one piece really.  Pee and spew stops a plenty, a few autie tantrums plus a hell of a lot of junk food got us down the road.  Oh and a camping portapotty!  At one point I looked up in the rearview mirror to see Georgie sitting on the loo in the bus aisle, if you gotta go you gotta go.   Thank goodness for that sealed chemical tank on that thing!  You wouldn’t believe the equipment we travel with at times.

So here we are, we made it!  Still have about 30 boxes left to unpack.  I can’t believe how stuff we had to fit in this house.  And not to mention how much money I’ve had to spend on getting this house habitable, but we had to take what we could get.  So I leave you with some pictures I’ve taken of the town and look forward to more blog updates soon (I’ve been WAY too busy to think this month so far!)







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8 Responses to The Big Move.

  1. Lou

    super mum, you rock Candy! I love that you still managed to take some beautiful photos 🙂

  2. Pam

    Wishing you lots of love, joy & happiness in your new home 🙂 xx

  3. Beautiful photos. I hope the move turns out to be very positive one for your family and you CSM access the serviced you need.

  4. jen

    Wow, that sounds like a lot of work! I’m glad everything seems to be working out, you certainly deserve it! Nothing screams “Competent great mum” more than the image of you driving a bus full of kids across the state all by yourself : )

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