My Birthday Boys

January now has two birthdays in our household.  This year see’s our littlest man turn 1, sigh my last baby is 1.  And our big Autie boy Thomas turned 11. 

Where did that last year go.  I’m not ready for either of them to age just yet!  Charlie is almost walking, and Thomas is almost talking.  Yes you read that right.

I felt the desire to post some pictures of my birthday boys.  So, here they are.  Hover your mouse pointer over them to see the captions.



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  1. Leila

    Is sad to see our youngest grow up isn’t it (well all of them but especially our last babies). My oldest is 11 on April 1 and my youngest will be 1 in July (although i only have 2 inbetween, 5 and 3 in March)
    Congrats on the almost walking and almost talking, Both must be filling you with pride as a mum 🙂

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