Aussie Mummy Bloggers Carnival

Welcome to the first bloggers carnival post for 2011.  I hope you are enjoying the Christmas/New Year break, today I have some great posts for you to read this holiday from some very talented bloggers.  So go and get a coffee, come back here and settle down for a good read.  I asked our Aussie Mummy bloggers for their favourite post of 2010 – so, in no particular order here they are – enjoy.

 Aussie Mummy Bloggers Carnival

 My Photo Christie from Home Grown offers up her favourite post from 2010 – Tip number 15 from The Thrifty Fifty series; Save In Your Kids Lunchboxes.  This tip focused on ways to buy smarter and save $$ at the supermarket when it comes to filling your family’s lunch boxes. 

    _vTg_ from This Growing Life writes a humbling post about being grateful. A post she says “was the post which most touched me to write and which I wish I knew enough to write more on”.

  Lara from Extremely Nappies talks about the birth of her third child; Childbirth – reality vs fantasy

Kristin Brumm from Wanderlust writes about A Gift  – Back in July, during the thick of my divorce chaos, a friend offered some profound and well-timed words of advice, which helped pull me back to my center.  In response, I wrote this short poem of gratitude and was surprised when it was stumbled and re-stumbled, making it my most popular post of 2010.  Follow Kristin on Twitter & Facebook

Header Image  Nikki Parkinson at Styling You looks back on the year that was in her blogging land – from a re-design to a blogger event and blogger meet-ups – it was an exciting place to be.  Bring on 2011.  Find Nikki on Twitter & Facebook.

  Kelly from Be A Fun Mum, blogged about: Covering School Books, all the parents are talking about it but why do you need to cover school books?  That’s what I thought when my first child went to school.  I’ll tell you why I think school books should be covered and my proven BEST way to do it.  Find a Fun Mum on Facebook & Twitter.

My Photo Feli from Life in Mono blogs:  A simple explanation why we shouldn’t try to be friends with everyone.  Follow Feli on Twitter.

  Katrina from The Organised Housewife – blogs about: The pantry…usually a chaotic disaster.  This post will help you to organise and clean out the pantry, give you tips on containers to use to maximise the space you have.  Find the Organised Housewife on Facebook or Twitter.

   Peta-Jo’s life is a little less full since the untimely demise of Doris. Read about it here. Follow Peta-Jo on facebook.

  Sharon from Hear Mum Roar, posts about a 365 day photo challenge for mothers to take photos of themselves, as a gift to our children. See Mum Shine Challenge You can follow Hear Mum Roar on Facebook or Twitter.

  Jo has an explanation for those who think as ASD (Autistic) child is a spoilt, naughty child who is the result of bad parenting. (Awesome post, I have often felt the same Jo!)  Find Jo on Twitter.
  Marita from Stuff with Thing posts about when do you draw the line, and say tradition be damned? This is just not working for us.   You can also find Marita on Facebook and Twitter.
Buy Cocktails at Naptime here  Emma K from Cocktails At Naptime tackles the thorny subject of sex after baby.  Follow Cocktails at Naptime on Facebook or Twitter.
  Naomi Ellis from Seven Cherubs ~ Posts about courageous parenting: it takes courage to be a parent, to speak up and to take a stand up for what you believe in and know to be right for you nd your family. Being a parent is not a popularity contest and it is a divine role.  Find Seven Cherubs on Facebook.

 Alli from Motivating Mums has a New Year post for you. 

   The MuffinMonster from The Muffin Monster Bubbalug Blog gives you this somewhat scary and messy post – While you were blogging.  Find Muffin on twitter and facebook.

megan  Megan from Writing Out Loud writes this beautiful piece – Sometimes it isn’t until you reach the light that realise just how dark a place you’ve been in. Find Megan on Twitter & Facebook.

  Rachel from Because I said so! Writes about a Lesson Learned – a post about her three-year old attempting to outwit her, a funny tale of a boy that keeps his Mum exhausted with his antics. 

 Emma from What’s In Emma’s Brain gives you this post. It’s filled with karmic milkshake froth.  Find Emma on Twitter & Facebook.
  Where’s my Glow posts about her unexpected Christmas visitor.  Over 400km from home on Christmas Eve, Glowless had an unexpected visitor! Here she complains in rhyming couplet – her first attempt at poetry since highschool.  Find Glowless on Twitter.
  Farmers Wifey shares a classic example of her imagination getting carried away……  Find Farmers Wife on Twitter & Facebook.
  Are you feeling nostalgic for the magic of Christmas already? Relive it with Christmas in Nappyland from Cloth Nappies are fun!

  And lastly one of my own favourite posts from the year has to be the birth of my lovely last baby Charlie, he arrived in January 2010 and I was dared to tweet his birth on twitter: Tweeting the arrival of my 7th baby.  Today is his 1st birthday!  Happy Birthday to my last baby 🙂

I have only been blogging since Feb 2010, and I have been surprised at the interest in what I have to say – sometimes the support that has been offered is overwhelming – and how quickly my personal ramblings has morphed into an actual functioning blog that people read. Awesome.  And I am really loving the interesting ‘community’ that I have found via blogging, I am learning so much!

If you are a Aussie Mum (or Dad) blogger, and would like to be a part of the next carnival post do join the AMB Community, you can participate in some interesting discussions and learn more about blogging.


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  4. Once again an amazingly talented group of bloggers…

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