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I’ll start with a quick thanks to Australian Mum’s Favourite Baby and Child Products, and Tejapo for sending me a bundle of products to test out.  Now I’ll be honest with you, when I opened the parcel and discovered a few of the products had leaked, and made the printing on the labels run, I wasn’t impressed but I reckon the postie has a bit to answer for there. 

On first appearances these products look a little funky, but that’s okay because what you have here is not mass produced – and this is a good thing, because you can trust what you are getting.  So for someone like me, and a couple of my kids, who seem to be allergic to the universe lately – knowing exactly what is really in a product because someone has made it themselves, is awesome and one less stress for me. 

You can find out more about Tejapo here:

I received a huge bundle of goodies; three lip balms, baby wash, baby massage oil, bubble bath, bottom butter, rash balm and a bar of soap.  They all smelt divine, especially the soap – which interestingly held together in our hard water.   We don’t normally use soap bars in our house as they split and lose their ability to clean, due to our water conditions here.  The lip balms were a huge hit with my two daughters, great size too – very popular and fought over was the aptly named Monkey Farts.  I have the choc mint stashed in my purse right now, scrummy.  I have the desire to go buy a pack of choc mint bikkies with each application, damn. 

I have given all the products a go now, and they have all been excellent.  The bottom butter has been excellent in these past couple of humid weeks on bubs little fat leg rolls, he had been chaffing a bit so this has greased him up nicely and the chaffing is settling down.   But my all time favorite product was the Sulphate free bubble bath, again being sulphate free is great for such an allergy household.  It smelt yummy in a Vanilla cheesecake scent and it filled the air in the bathroom with the aroma.  About a capful did baby’s bath well and got him clean, and smelling gorgeous and best of all no skin reactions to it or any of the other products for that matter.

Thanks again for the opportunity to try out Tejapo products 🙂  See more great reviews from mums by clicking the pic below.

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