My Fabulous Baby Feeding Contraption!

Why didn’t this occur to me many babies ago? 

You know what mothers want, nay need? 

A baby feeding contraption.  With my limited designed capabilities (stuff all) I give you my idea for how to get a whole nights sleep while baby feeds themselves. All you need is a giant hamster water drip thingy filled with milk, like this.

 Can you picture the wee one rolling over, lapping up a bit of milk – self service – no need for mummy to get up – job done.

I think I’m onto something here…

Or am I just REALLY damn tired, me thinks so.


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2 Responses to My Fabulous Baby Feeding Contraption!

  1. Cass

    I believe they are called boobs. They drip drip drip and bub just rolls over to get some… No need for anyone to get up!!

    Ha ha yes we are on a good thing!!

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