Vague-booking, I don’t have time to join the dots people!

So here’s the thing people.  I don’t have time for pretty much anything anymore, and this goes for every aspect of my life – including facebook.  When I am skimming through my news feed at 3am I want to know what’s going down and in no uncertain detail – so when I see a status update that goes along the lines of… JANE DOE  has had enough, thereby forcing me to ask the question “What is up?”   I get a bit peeved.  I know some you will call me out and say HEY we’ve seen you do that, but my excuse is that I usually have a good excuse 😉  None of this JANE has had enough…. because… she couldn’t get the right bra size crap, will dribble forth from my status updates. Absolutely all my updates are serious business, and that includes the ones whining about where I hid the chocolate – thank you very much.

Vague-booking I have now discovered is not just something that shits me off, it has hit the Urban Dictionary as well – their definition sums it up so well. 

What is my point here?  Before I get dangerously close to Vague-blogging it up here?  I want my dear Facebooking friends  to let me know whats going down in their universe.  Use small words, short sentences, get to the point – and of then I will let you know I care, I really do – bit of luck there may be a virtual hug in it for you 😉  Anything else just leads to me and my smart arse attitude pooping on your page.

But while I am at it I might add another peeve – since this is my blog and I can – is, if you have Vague-booked it and said JANE… is shitted off, and I ask why and Jane replies with: I don’t want to talk about it.  Really? Seriously, if you don’t want to tell me or the facebooking universe about it then why the hell say anything to start with?   If Jane continues with these vague-booking status updates I think I am going to run out of sympathy, and I think most people have a limit to how much sympathy they can dish out – eventually (dear Jane) the follow-up comments will peter out – so when some serious shit goes down, I’m sorry I’m going to be all out of the OMFG’s for you, sorry I’m spent.

Now don’t get me started on people who annouce they are cleaning out their friends list…. ooooooooh please will I make the cut?! Pfffft.

…end rant.


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  1. A-fucken-men!

    Enough already.

    Also the status updates that go on about some special cause and say ‘x% of people wont re-post this will you?’ fuck off already. If there is a cause important to me, then I am going to do something pro-active about it like oh maybe donate some actual $s to the cause or volunteer to help, no posting status updates on facebook that don’t do anything other than clutter up news feeds.

    Also if you absolutly must post something about supporting special education week or breast cancer week or whatever week/day/month it is – please check first that it is actually still that week/day/month and is applicable to the country you live in. Why people why would you support special education week in the UK which was on November 21st through the 27th when it is December in Australia?

    Check your facts before mindlessly reposting stuff. Please.

    • Totally Marita! I had a big giggle about the recent one where everyone was asked to change their profile pic to a cartoon to support child abuse or something or rather – and it helped how??? How funny!

    • Pam

      @ Leechbabe – I live in Australia but I’m from UK, where most of my family lives and a lot of my friends. So I still have big connections to the UK and will happily post e.g. Cancer Research UK stuff on my wall as well as Aus Cancer Council stuff at whatever dates they choose. Mothers Day also falls on a different day in different countries. Lots of stuff falls on different days and weeks. Christmas is celebrated is on 24th December not 25th in some places e.g. Germany & Spain….Am not mindless, my facebook life covers more than just one continent is all. Take a breath hun 😉

      • Yep, taking a breath – it’s just a bit of fun Pam/Marita 🙂

        My daughter just worked out that Christmas pressies are opened on Dec 24 in other countries today, she is now wanting to know why we can’t do it here! Because mummy said no! 😉

      • Pam

        @ Candy nooooo don’t open on 24th lol that’s funny…..OH german, despite 6 years of xmas on 25th he still finds it weird but when in Rome n all that….plus I’m too old to change 😀

      • She saw something on telly today, and is still nagging me about it! Grandparents left some very tempting looking large pressies under the tree 😉 Have told her that if she peeks then Santa will magic them empty!

      • Pam

        Good tactic. Will tell OH same 🙂

      • I get that stuff happens at different times over the world. But reposting something without fact checking first – eg the UK special ed week posted in December is still not relevant because it is now out of date.

        Making sure when you put something on your facebook feed that you get the facts straight first is simply common sense, who wants to display their ignorance on the internet for all to see – especially when google/snopes can help you find the facts so easily.

  2. Pam

    Lol nicely written.
    Deep breaths chuck 😉

  3. Bec

    Well I never…vauge booking had made the dictionary!
    I have a friend who does that….vauge comments, then when people ask, what’s up she replies, it’s personal/don’t want to talk about it ect…..well DON’T FB it then!

  4. What is FML …oh and I agree.

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