Handy Manny – A Very Handy Holiday!

Looking for a last-minute stocking filler for your wee handy man?  You should grab a copy of  Handy Manny this christmas.  I had the chance to check out Handy Manny – A very handy holiday on DVD, thanks once again to the lovely people at Porter Novelli & Disney for sending us a copy.

While I had not really seen much of Handy Manny myself – and I have to admit I found it not that entertaining, my three-year old boy however thought it was awesome, and it managed to knock Bob the Builder off the daily dvd playlist.  What pricked my interest with the Christmas episode was it was multicultural, that’s not something I’ve seen often – it covered not only your usual christmas traditions, but Hanukkah and Kwanzaa featured as well – I liked that.  Each episode teaches kids some kind of valuable lesson, he is a quietly spoken humble guy who seems to try to good things for everyone.  And the show seems to be very good for encouraging imaginative play, I’ve seen my kids decide to be Manny after watching an episode and set out to repair things for their friends – very cute.

Along with the Christmas episode there are normal episodes – so you can continue to enjoy the dvd way after christmas.  For the uninitiated Handy Manny also speaks spanish as well as english, like another character we all know for little girls 😉  But he isn’t as irritating, the talking tools are a bit strange but the kids loved and our christmas stockings now contain talking screwdrivers and saws!  He kinda puts me in mind of that guy who had the repair shop on Sesame Street, you know the guy who spends all day fixing things for everyone and seems to take no money for doing so?

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  1. That’s Maria who fixes the toasters in the fix it shop. Why she doesn’t just go to Tesco and buy a new one for a Fiver is beyond me.

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