Bosisto’s Tea Tree Oil Spray – Review & fabulous Giveaway!

The fabulous people at Bosisto’s have sent me some Tea Tree Oil spray to try out, thanks again to FGB Natural Products.  I, and a few of my readers got to try out their Lavender Oil spray and we loved it!  So when asked if I’d like to test their Tea Tree Oil spray – the answer was obvious.

So, what can you use Tea Tree spray on you ask?  Well check this bit of info out below.

It’s 100% pure Tea Tree Oil (Meleluca) in a handy aerosol format – CFC-free of course which makes it much easier to use for all sorts of applications.   What exactly, you may ask?  Well, Tea Tree’s natural antiseptic properties are its main claim to fame so you can use this nifty spray directly on cuts, insect bites or scrapes exactly as you’d use an antiseptic cream… natural, non-greasy and much less messy.  Tea Tree is also a famous antifungal, so if you have a hubby with odorous feet or kids with smelly shoes, you can also attack those with your handy can of Tea Tree Spray.  It’s great for gym shoes, sports or work boots to help kill nasty bacteria, freshen and deodorized.  It’s nit season again and Tea Tree is said to have powerful nit-repelling abilities, so spray it in school hats or on combs before brushing your child’s hair in the morning – we can’t promise it works but heaps of mums say it does.  Good for pet areas too, to deter fleas.  And those are just a couple of handy uses.


I hit the road with my can of  Tea Tree spray last week, when we took the whole family down to Mosquito Coast aka the South Coast of NSW (doing a bit of recon for our upcoming move – expect some ranty blog posts to come about that… but I digress).   And apologies to those who live on and love the south coast, but it will forever be ingrained in me to call it the Mosquito Coast – you see when I turn up it seems like every  insect within a 20km radius is alerted to my arrival, and they arrived to suck out all my blood.   The spray came in very useful soothing my bitten ankles and I think it acted as a repellant too.   It came in very handy when the middle-sized boy got a tick buried half way under his skin (yeah that’s the Mosquito Coast for ya), which we managed to extract whole thankfully and used the Tea Tree Spray as an antiseptic on the little wound it left – it did sting the wee man, but then what antiseptic doesn’t? – but a week on and the bite hasn’t gone yuck and looks to be healing up fine.  The other use it came in handy for on the road, was to use as an anti-bacterial especially when I was not able to clean everything as well as I would have liked to while on the go.   So there you go – good stuff I think.   Oh and as for pooplosions – awesome for stench cover up and spraying on the change table afterwards for the clean up, I whipped it out in a few mother’s rooms last week too!

And fabulous news – Bosisto’s want to give one of you – lovely dear readers of my blog – this fantastic picnic pack! 

To win it please comment below, let me know where you’d take a can of Bosisto’s Tea Tree Oil spray!  I will draw the winner this Sunday night so get cracking people!  I want to win this too it looks great.

Sorry the giveaway prize is for Australian readers only. Ends 19/12/10.


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18 Responses to Bosisto’s Tea Tree Oil Spray – Review & fabulous Giveaway!

  1. Jules

    I have heard of Bosisto’s and have used their tea tree oil before. I must live in the dark as I’ve never heard of tea tree oil spray, but it sounds great! I would take it out fishing, but it would be perfect in any situation it seems.

    Oh and forget the husband with the funky feet – it’s my feet that need a good spray 😉

  2. Pam

    Ooooh looks fab!! I would take it out to my vegie plot for emergencies – my new project, still trying to clear it before planting so it’s a bit of a jungle yet ( Was out there on my hands and knees early this morning, lots of scratchy stuff and bugs. OH found a snake out there yesterday, I only found ants and worms today which I was ok with…until I read an article in Burke’s Backyard saying that Australia has the most dangerous ants in the world on top of everything else!! Anyhoo an Aussie vegie patch not exotic to you guys but it sure is to me & tea tree spray would be very handy for when I have a bad reaction to the evil long grass weeds and those that live within!!

  3. Denise Enersen

    You went to the Mosquito Coast and I am off to the Sandfly Coast in the hols. They love me and I hate them so maybe the spray would give me the advantage I need to enjoy the holiday.

  4. Leila

    Great products from Bosisto’s. I’d take it everywhere with me, my family seems to be mosquito food so this would come in handy for soothing those inevitable bites that we get even with repellant on.
    With 4 boys/men in the house there is always some smelly feet and with 2 nappy wearing children the smell to cover the smell from them… we are planning a 3-4 day drive next year with the 4 kids and the spray would be fantastic at keeping the truck smelling fresh while we go.

  5. Lisa Abejja

    I would take this spray with me everywhere that I go
    Not sure about hygeine but with Bosisto’s i’ll know.
    I can spray the public change tables so that they’re germ free
    I’ll spray public toilets because of who sat there before me.
    Now do you believe that one can of spray
    Can do all these things and take your cares away.
    Well yes I do, you hear me cry
    Still not convinced? then I’ll tell you why!
    Because with Bosisto’s you know it’s all good
    They use pure ingredients like great products should!

  6. As a mosquito attracting beacon, with a lake breeding the little blighters, 2 minutes down the road, and a smelly, scruffy mutt that likes to curl up on my feet in the evenings. I think I’d just attach the can to myself for the summer season 🙂

  7. Candy – This sounds like a nappy bag MUST as well as a house hold lifesaver.
    I live in Western Sydney, near smelly Campbelltown where BO and Garbage tip smells are constantly lingering in the air. I live with two boys (1 big and 1 small), a smelly dog and a cat that doesn’t seem to know how to bury her mess in her litter tray.
    This little beauty would be great out and about in those smelly parent rooms that are never clean and to freshen the air when visiting friends and small boy has dropped a smelly number.
    A sly spray in big boy’s shoes would be a life saver (especially in summer)!
    This Picnic pack and spray sounds exactly what my little family needs. We love a good picnic (but don’t have a picnic pack) and the spray would be super cool when the green ants move in to spoil our fun!
    Cheers, Danni Reichel.

  8. bell wight

    What a great product.I have used the tea tree oil before.Great for removing those sticky things that otherwise would be there for ever.
    I would use the Bosistos tea tree spray when camping to keep those nasty biteing bugs away and also to remove more sticky residue and pen drawing that the kids so wonderfully do from around the house.

  9. Louise Cowan

    Wow I love Bositos, I have the euclayptus spray which is fannntastic. We live in the tropics and it would be really great to use it at home. I would also definately use it in the boat for when we go up the creek crabbing with out 2yr old, the midgies are really friendly. It would also come in handy for those nicks and grazes from the crab pots hehe.

    Thanks for being so generous as per Candy 😉 xx

  10. Louise Cowan

    oops mean to say with OUR 2 yr old no way she would miss out Caitlin loooves the boat lol

  11. Jo-Anna Apelt

    Well with all the rain we have had here lately the mossies have been getting a little enthustic lately. SO I would keep some in my bathroom next to my sunscreen. Hugs Joey

  12. With Amy starting Kinder next year, I’d be spraying it inside her hat!

  13. Oooh, on a picnic. Believe it or not, we have ever had a family picnic… sad, I know!!

  14. I think with J starting school next year I’d be spraying his hat and I think it would come in very hady on a trip to the beach or even just in the garden…….. I’m always getting bit, those darn bugs eem to think I’m food! 🙂

  15. I and my daughter are mosquito magnets so we’d take Bosito’s as we go out of the house – even just at the backyard. Flying insects are coming out now! So we need this pack desperately.

  16. Kym

    I would use it in all honesty in the soon to be stinky-poo nappy bin that will be very soon filled with lots of nappies from our newborn, only 3 weeks to go!

  17. We are all allergic to mossie and sandfly bites. This sounds like a very soothing solution!

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