Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas…

Santa Claus is Coming! Santa Claus is Coming! He’s not very far away….. whoops sorry just channelling High5 there for a mo’.

But yes he is not very far away! And for most mummies that means you have to make with the jolly, I’ve got the belly like a bowl of jelly sorted, as for the shopping however… well can’t everything be bought at the supermarket? That is the only shop I’m likely to get to before Christmas.

What do you want for Christmas? I’ve already gone ahead and lay-buyed my present and told the Husband that he is getting me that, sorted. I’ll even wrap it all pretty, that way I’ll have something nice to look forward in addition to that ever so surprising gift bought on Christmas eve in the last half hour before the shops shut. Did I ever tell you about the time I got Binoculars for Valentines day? Anyways…..

The thing that I really want to know is, what are you going to ask Santa for?

Pop your wish for Christmas in the comment space below and you could win bag full of goodies! I don’t expect a masterpiece, and I really don’t expect you to ask for world peace. Just anything that takes your fancy πŸ˜‰

And to thank the lovely people who provided these gifts please do pay a visit to their sites, thank you and Merry Christmas! Some of them have some special deals going for Christmas so get in quick!

What will you win? Check out the list below, and don’t forget to hit the banners for a link to their websites – Cheers, Candy.

The lovely Lisa from AmbeRocks has provided 30 dollar gift voucher, grab some good quality Baltic Amber for your teething baby.

Jo, from the Toy Bug has sent me an AWESOME bundle of toys – fantastic for a child with sensory needs at Christmas time – and if you spend over 40 dollars at the Toy Bug right now you go in the draw for one of five gift hampers.

Here are just a few of the goodies Jo has sent me for you (my gorgeous readers).

Veronica from Glimpse in Time photography will do up a personalised Christmas Card for you, with your photo on it and 10 DL sized prints to go with it, that over 40 dollars in value! She does beautiful work πŸ™‚

Greg from Beauty Cycle has sent through a lovely gift pack containing it includes a foundation, an eyeliner and mascara as well as some blush plus some moisturizer samples, Tea, and a copy of Naomi Simson’s Book (of Secret Millionaire fame and CEO of Red Balloon) I’ll have what she’s having. Beauty Cycle is a quality brand and you can view more of their catalogue by clicking below, if you’d like to order please contact Greg on the details provided.

Now check these out! The talented Ali from Laa Di Daa has sent me a balloon ball to giveaway. These are great for play on the go as they fold up to pocket-size, so can be stuffed into the handbag easily and whipped out for play when you need them – think about how many waiting rooms don’t have toys anymore, this will definitely come in handy.

But wait there is more! The lovely people at Disney and Porter Novelli have sent me through some Christmas DVD’s to give away, including the new release Santa Paws – check out my review of it by clicking the links in the pics below.

I haven’t forgotten Dad in this Christmas pressie bundle, for him I have a copy of Fight Club!

And finally, I have some beautiful clothing for baby consisting of gorgeous blue overalls, a beanie and jumper for the 6-9 month old in your life (I will pop a photograph of the clothes up soon). And a lovely girls toddler sized top from ButterScotch.

So there you have it, what a massive bundle of goodies – how fantastic is that?! Make sure you click on the pics for links to these lovely sponsors. So please do get your entry in as I’ll finish this up on the 12th of December and I am really sorry but this is only for my aussie readers (the postage would be huge to send this box OS, sorry), so you haven’t got long, oh and Merry Christmas!


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38 Responses to Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas…

  1. Danni

    For Christmas I would love to relax at home with my little family and to be able to drink a cup of tea (with no floaty bits) before it went cold. That would be bliss!

  2. My wish for Christmas would be to elope with my husband and 2 sons away from families and in-laws and all the hassle Christmas usually brings! Oh, and a live in cook to go with us too so I don’t have to cook Christmas lunch πŸ˜‰

    And Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

  3. Veronica

    Anything that is just for me….I am always last on the list for shopping and the $$ always seem to run out before it gets to me.

  4. All I want for Christmas is a day off! No dealing with whinging kids, rice bubbles all over the kitchen floor, dogs chewing things they shouldn’t be chewing, people complaining that they can’t find their socks that they put away themselves. Umm, yeah, you get the picture.

  5. I will be asking Santa for a pile of new books, I have barely finished a book this year…But as M2 is getting close to turning 1 I am thinking it will soon be possible to read again….sigh!

    Gill xo

  6. Leila

    Dear Santa,

    all i want for Christmas is a nice peaceful celebration that goes smoothly for all 17 or more of us we will have in our home this year. Oh and if you’re feeling really generous i’d love to win Candy’s fantastic gift pack πŸ™‚


  7. I want a roof over my head, a blow up pool for the brothers and my hammock I was given about 16 years for Christmas put up so I can lie it in under a shady tree.
    What a great prize …so are their multiple winners or is it the winner takes it all ?
    I ‘d really like Santa Paws because then that would could the Brothers quiet while I use my said hammock too.

  8. Hi, all I want for Christmas is a smile from little man and a day without meltdowns….. pretty please.

  9. All I want for Christmas is a sleep in…. But that’s totally unrealistic because I wake the kids early on Christmas Day cos they want to sleep in! Strange children!

  10. My daughter is scheduled for surgery early December. So a no-fuss, no complication surgery & swift recovery for her is on top of my wish this Christmas.

  11. Karly

    I want just a small present for once!! Im sick of hearing well i didnt know what to get you from my husband every year!

  12. Lou

    For Christmas I wish for no more money worries so I can stay at home with Billie for another 12 months before she becomes a big, independent girl who doesn’t need her mummy! πŸ™‚

    PS great prize Candy!!

  13. Pam E

    What I really want for christmas is…..nothing, cos I have everything I want already! I know that sounds ever so vomity but it really is the god’s honest truth. Six years ago I met my OH here in Coffs Harbour and here I am 6 years later married to my backpacker romance, and just about to celebrate our first full year as immigrants (from UK & Germany) to this fantastic country with our beautiful baby daughter who was born right here in September. We have our ups and downs of course, but all in all I really do count my blessings every single day. So yeah, I do apolgise and pass the sick buckets all round but I can’t think of anything else I could wish for this christmas (oh except except maybe that it would be a white one – tinsel just don’t look the same in sunlight!) xx

  14. Bec S

    For Christmas I would love hubby to get the weekends off – as I work myself, I dont particularly enjoy weekends with the kids alone, would be so much easier with hubby’s help.

  15. Megan

    For Christmas I have asked for a day relaxing, getting a massage and beauty treatment. Pure bliss!

  16. All I want for Christmas is plane tickets to the Aussie Mummy Bloggers conference in March and guess what was the first thing that got purchased last pay day πŸ˜€ mummy ain’t missing out this year.

  17. I’d like to ask Santa for a night of uninterrupted sleep… that’s all.

  18. Claudia

    Heya Sants
    For Christmas could you somehow negotiate with Livvy so will happily sleep in her cot all night?
    For us parents at least 8-10 hours of blissful -uninterupted sleep. Thanks Santa. Love your work xox

  19. Claudia

    ps sorry for the typo above but that’s what you get when you are sleep deprived.
    I know you understand Santa πŸ˜‰

  20. M Al lawati

    Dear Santa-
    I have tried to be good πŸ™‚ Please I would love some time out which also doesnt involve me coming home to a house thats trashed by the 4 kids while DH has fun with them!!!
    I dont expect a charm for my bracelet as I know your strings are a bit tighter this year
    Take care

  21. Greg

    Great prizes Candy – I’m not entering the comp as I donated some of the prizes – but I would like to tell you what I want for Christmas…I want freedom – freedom to be me and freedom to help my family be everything they want to be…but I know this isn’t ever going to be a gift – it has to be gone after, tracked down, trapped, skinned and thrown on the lounge room floor…so my real Christmas wish is for the courage, energy and skill to do just that!

  22. Kristy Weeks

    All i want for christmas is for my mum to get a clean bill of health.

  23. We will be at my in-laws this christmas. Christmas day will also be my daughters 1st birthday. So I would like Santa to bring me some patience and tolerance when the day I really want to have with my family in my own home wont happen. If he could chuck in some appreciation and thanks giving for the family that I do have, and the ability to remind me how lucky we are to be able to travel to see our family that would be tops too.

    Oh, and three bottles of gin to get through it all regardless please ;-P

  24. Tat

    I’d love a holiday with babysitting services included…. Actually, just babysitting services would be great.

  25. Kym

    Dear Santa,
    I have been a very good girl this year, well most of the time :D, my wishlist is fairly simple,

    1. Have my hubby home for xmas (could you give him a ride on your sleigh?)
    2. Watch the smile and excitment on my little girls face when she sees Santa has been and has a better understanding of Christmas this year.
    3. A digital DSLR camera (I have asked for one for the last 6 years so maybe this year? fingers crossed!)

    Thanks Santa, we have cookies and milk for you and carrots for the reindeers πŸ™‚

  26. Dear Santa – for Christmas this year i would like to have my whole family under the same roof – i would so dearly love to not have to visit 5+ different houses just to see the family on one day! – and without any conflict occurring!!

    – now considering i seriously doubt your awesome powers are gonna be able to pull that one off, i would also love a kitchen aid stand mixer and all the accessories listed on my kitchen wall – i know $2000 worth of stuff is a big ask but i have been a really good girl this year! I swear!!!

    thanks πŸ™‚

    reality * Santa said a big fat NO to the $2000 worth of Kitchen aid stuff, however did decide that buying more craft “crap” for me would be a much better investment…. lets hope he remembers to order it! lol

  27. What I want for Christmas costs nothing – a little bit of time with my family AFTER an uninterrupted night’s sleep! Just one night, that’s all I ask!

  28. Emma

    Ok Santa…………some princess cut diamond earrings will do just fine!!

    Thanks xx

  29. I want Kinect for xbox 360 and a spynet video watch for Christmas PLEASE!

  30. Tasha

    I want intindo D’s and a small lapetop i been good in school and pasting all my classes

  31. I would love to find a years supply of books under my tree. Or maybe chocolate. Both, probably. The rest of the Sara Douglass books that I don’t own yet would be nice. I like books.

  32. All I want for Christmas is uninterrupted sleep!

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