The Search for Santa Paws – one damn cutesy pie Christmas movie!

Thank you to the wonderful people at Porter Novelli and of course Disney for sending us a copy of The Search for Santa Paws movie – it was very well received in this household.  There is nothing like a Christmas movie to change a mood, and best of all – to remind the children that Santa’s visit is imminent, and some behaviour modification is required.  I suggest playing a movie not too dissimilar to this one every say three days from around the middle of November, just to keep them in check.

 The movie opens with this little guy, walking VERY awkwardly in curly shoes. 


If I had a dog, he would totally be wearing this for Christmas – no question.

The story goes a little something like this:

Upon his 1600th birthday, Santa Claus is given a very special gift: a white, fluffy, stuffed toy puppy which is brought to life by the Great Christmas Icicle (becoming Santa Paws). When Santa loses his memory and becomes lost in New York, Paws and his new friends must find him and his magic crystal in order to restore Christmas. Along the way, they try to brighten the lives of Quinn and Will, a couple of orphans whose only wish is to have a family.

As Christmas movies go I liked this one, the story although somewhat weak for me – what is it with orphans and Christmas? So, if it wasn’t for my parents I would’ve met Santa?  But it was good for its target audience.  The movie starts with Santa getting hit by a car, mugged and losing his memory, then getting job as a Santa in a toy store – as you do in these situations.     I had to explain this bit to my daughter who was a little upset by the scenario, but after that she went on to enjoy the movie.  I even caught her trying to wish a toy stuffed dog to life, like they do in the movie… awwwww.  The colour, the scenes, and the characters were just beautiful.  I fell in love with the scenes in Santa’s workshop, which reminded me of Christmas movies from my childhood.  And the DVD extras are quite nice too, especially the video clip of Deck the Halls.  And without writing too much of a spoiler, yes it all works out in the end 🙂 And BONUS I’ve been sent an extra copy to giveaway to one of my lucky readers, how fun is that.  So be watching my blog for an awesome Christmas bundle giveaway, I will be starting at the end of November- it will have lot’s of goodies from some fantastic sponsors. 


You can watch a clip of the movie here;

In Stores NOW!


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  2. Thought you’d like this little story. We loaned our copy of ‘Search for Santa Paws’ to some friends with autistic children.

    You might remember the scene in the toy shop where the little girl pinches Santa to make sure he is real.

    Well my friends 4yo Aspie daughter took that scene to heart and when they visited our local shops she pinched the store Santa to make sure he was real ROFL.

    Poor Santa, but he yelp of pain did assure her that he is real 😀

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