So, I am not alone then.

I received a lot of feedback resulting from my last post – and for that, if I haven’t already I thank you all.  I didn’t write that last post looking for sympathy, okay maybe just a little empathy, but for the reason I blog in the first place – to get it off my chest.  We all have to find ways of coping with our lot don’t we.  The message I received loud and clear from everyone was that I was not alone.  I was not alone in feeling a little trapped, a little over & under whelmed, and most of all under valued.

Not one of you said to me – Suck it up princess, you had all them babies now deal with it!  Not even an anonymous troll, how about that.  But, I may need a boot up the arse every now and then and all of your messages did just that.

It really surprised me how many messages I got from Mother’s who felt under-valued in being at home.  And I think that was it, that was… is my problem.  I have to find value in what I do each day.  And I guess when I look around this big crowded house of ours, I can.  It may take me a while, I may have to cope with things other parents never will have to, but I think I can.    😉


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  1. So not alone, I had a big discussion with my husband about feeling undervalued recently. I think in some ways we both feel under valued and need to work on our communication to show each other that we do appreciate what the other does.

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  3. It’s easy to feel undervalued staying at home. Stay at home dads feel that as well! (See One of my difficulties when I was a SAHD was dealing with the brain dead monotony of the same routine day in and day out. It can drive anyone berserker! I really looked forward to the weekend when my wife and I could spend some time together or even arrange to go out on a dinner date – it’s a little sad, but I think very commonplace. Colin

    • Thanks Colin, I’ve just been reading through your stuff this post is a good one too.

      • Hey, Candy. Thanks! While those posts feature SAHDs, they really do highlight the difficulties that the stay-at-home parent undergoes. I remember plodding through the week in a daze of tedium and tiredness – only to arrive at the weekend packed with social activity. Someone throw me a bone here! Know what I mean? At least when I was working we could come home and forget about work stuff. And then we could rest up during the weekend. Or take leave. Parents …. us poor sods don’t even have time to go to the toilet some days. Sigh. At least it’s getting better! Something to look forward to! 🙂

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