Tangalooma Ship Wrecks at Morton Island

Ever wanted to swim through a ship wreck but do not have scuba diving equipment or the money to travel to some far off country. Well look no further than the Tangalooma ship wrecks at Morton Island Queensland. It is a great location for water activities such as snorkeling, boating, and canoeing. Since 1963 12 large metal vessels have been sunk to form a protective reef that has become home to a myriad of reed fish including Wobbegong sharks.

In October of 2010 I went on a day trip out to Morton Island from Redcliff with Dolphin Wild Island Cruises . It was a great experience and I only wish that I had a water proof camera to capture this. The cruise boat dropped us off at the southern end of the ship wrecks and we snorkel our way through them. The current was running north so it dragged us through the wrecks without much effort. I have never swum with so many fish before.  

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