MannaBears – getting vegies in the bellies of kids on the sly.

Thanks to Pippa for sending us some Manna Bears to try from Mannatech Australia.  So… Manna Bears, think along the lines of gummi bears but with one HUGE exception.  These things are made of vegetables and fruit.  A serve of 4 of these little suckers has up to 10 different fruits and vegies in it, that is pretty damn special don’t you think?  Now I have half a dozen kids and out of that only two of them will eat fruit and only one will eat vegies, so camouflaging vegies is often my game.  I know that there are certain nutritional things to be found in vegies that you won’t necessarily get in a multivitamin, so I can see where a product like this would be good.

I have tried these little bears, who wouldn’t they look yummy and I have to ask, how are you supposed to stop at the recommended dose of four bears?!  And I shared them around the kids and no one knocked them back, they came back for more – so big thumbs up there.  I really like the concept of having the nutritional value of fruits and vegies hidden inside a lolly, there is one problem though – the cost, these will set you back $33 a jar.  Now with any product such as this, that says it is full of such goodness I know I would like to see more information about it, so here it is 😉 

Parent-approved nutrition. Kid-approved taste.

When you’re a kid, eating right isn’t always easy. So we created MannaBears-a tasty alternative to today’s refined sugars and other “junk” foods.

Formulated specifically for children and naturally sweetened, these colorful, chewy, bear-shaped foods are designed to not only be delicious, but also designed to support cell to cell communication, thanks to our unique Ambrotose® complex included in every serving.

Feel good about the nutrition you give them.

Created to give young people healthy choices, MannaBears provide your kids with:

  • The phytonutritional goodness of 11 different dehydrated fruits and vegetables
  • An excellent source of antioxidants
  • All-natural sweeteners, including cane juice and tapioca syrup
  • All the benefits of our specially formulated Ambrotose complex
  • A great-tasting alternative designed to support cell to cell communication

Enlarged Product Photo

Now do Mannatech do a gummi multivitamin?  That would be awesome.


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2 Responses to MannaBears – getting vegies in the bellies of kids on the sly.

  1. Oh cool, they look neat.

    Heidi loves the Cenovis Kids multivitamin, mostly because it has Taz from Loony Tunes on the front 😀 I’m thrilled she is taking something to supplement her mostly white food diet.

  2. these look yummo ….now you can bribe them to eat real vegies with the promise of a lolly and not feel guilty 😉
    How big is the jar ? need something to compare it to …

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