Kindle VS iPad – as an eReader

I have a new gadget.  Yes I know, you’re just as excited as I am right?  I thought so 😉  I got my hands on the new Kindle 3 eBook reader and swanky leather cover with a built-in light.  Yeah yeah I know I have an iPad too I hear you all say, can’t that be an eBook reader too?  Well yes it can, but – and there is always a but – it has a few pros and cons to being used in that way. 

Pros – Colour screen, great for kids picture books. Bigger screen.   Cons – the weight of the iPad is around three times that of the kindle, the size too is not something you can pop in your handbag and go. The backlight, while this seems like it should be a pro, it is really a con because if you read something for any length of time it gives you eye strain.  Think about how tired your eyes feel at the end of a day in the office staring at your computer screen all day – same thing. 

Yes but the iPad does so much more I hear you all squeal.  Yes but – again with the but’s – I am only talking about using it for one specific function; reading.  True the Kindle cannot do everything an iPad can, but it need not be anymore than it is. However the 3g and WiFi capability in the Kindle is good, you can download books anywhere without a network charge (yes free 3G!) It makes you wonder what phone calls really cost if a device like this can use the network forever after purchase, and not need any kind of plan.  As eBook readers go I think this one is the best value and has the best functionality, and if you have to you can tweet or facebook passages from your favourite books. You can also make notes about the text you are reading, great for textbooks and research.

A couple of weeks into owning a Kindle 3 and I am now carting around over 50 books in this one tiny little device.  It has got me reading again.  I can fit reading time in wherever I am now, as the unit is so light it can be carried in my bag and the battery power can last for three weeks.  The only thing that trips me up, but not that much, is that not all authors are available to Australian customers – so if you get one make sure you check if your favourite authors are available to aussies, but with over 400 thousand books available to Australians you won’t be stuck for choice.  And bonus, there are a lot of free books available via Amazon get your hands on them here.

So there you go, my geeky post for the week 😉


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  1. ahh, to be able to get my hands on either of these….sigh. i do have a cooler ereader and whilst it is fine for reading books on it’s not really smooth in function and easy to navigate. totally agree with you about the backlight thing, it would be a killer trying to read with one. I wonder if future versions of the ipad will have a reading mode when it changes to unbacklit ‘ink’ pages for reading. Now *that* would make it worth the money!

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  3. Jenn

    I am a devoted Kindle user. As an avid speed reader plus I travel a LOT for work and used to have to lug at least 2 books with me. I recently went overseas for 2 weeks and actually only used the Kindle. The only downside I have found is that photos in non fiction books are not good. I do not see it as competition with an IPad as it is a book replacement (rather a library replacement) it is not intended to compete with a laptop as IPad does. For me it is a welcome addition to the range of geeky things I use.

  4. Leila

    Thanks for letting me know about the Kindle. I bought one for my hubby a few weeks ago for his birthday this Sunday, also grabbed a leather case with the light as he often reads in bed of a night as well as anywhere else he can take his books.
    Despite letting him make his own decision on which one he will be getting i was worried there were going to be major drawbacks. The only other thing i have noticed is that because it isn’t a colour screen we can’t download his graphic novels (yep i’m married to a nerd lol) onto them. Of course we have a notebook that he has been using to download them so he can continue to do so and use the Kindle for real books.

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