Halloween Giveaway!

I’ve got my hands on a couple of DVD’s that I’d like to give away to a lucky reader.Β  All you need to do is post a comment on my blog below (about whatever, just say Hi if you want), and on Halloween I will get one of my little dribblers to randomly pick one of you.Β  Don’t forget to hit the subscribe to comments button so you know if you are the winner πŸ˜‰

Oh I’d better tell you what the vids are right? They are: Misery, Starring James Cann & Kathy Bates – No Country for Old Men, Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin.Β Β  These dvds are Pal reg 4 so I am sorry these are only for my Aussie readers. πŸ™

No Country for Old Men PosterΒ Β Β  Misery




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15 Responses to Halloween Giveaway!

  1. If I ever become a famous writer I am staying away from Kathy Bates!!!! Why would you want to give away No Country for Old Men? That is a pretty good film!

  2. Lisa Abejja

    Hiya gorgeous girl <3

  3. Claudia

    having a nightmare of a day. I guess just in time for halloween.

  4. "Mum"

    Some none-Aussie readers might be able to watch them (esp on a computer), but the postage is a killer!

    Anyway just popping by to see hi to my daughter whom I sadly haven’t seen in the flesh for some time (lemme know next time you’re down south, I’m down that way-ish a bit more these days too … less out of each other’s way than where I normally can be found πŸ™‚ Say hi to the son-in-law and grandkids I’ve never met! πŸ˜›

  5. Oh man, both of these are AWESOME movies!

  6. Fantastic movies! We have just decided to join in a costume party tomorrow evening & we ain’t got any costumes ! I’m hoping I can grab something decent tomorrow and hopefully get them on discount.

  7. Michelle

    So long as IT the clown movie isn’t included, yes please!

  8. Greg the Explorer

    Without wanting to sound full of it, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed being connected to your blog and through twitter. Love your work! GTE

  9. Oh Misery is such a classic!

    I remember going to see No Country For Old Men on New Years Eve, my mum had read a “review” in the paper and told us that it was this really lovely sci-fi romance. Ummmm yeah. rather not. At least it meant I didnt sleep and got to see the New Year in! hehehe

  10. Oooh this would be great surprise for my husband. Hope I win.

  11. Leila

    what a great Halloween treat and for a Stephen King fanatic like myself Misery is such a great tale.
    The films would give hubby and I 2 date nights at home once our 4 wonderful children go to sleep.

  12. hi Candy …I just don’t know how you do it …blogging & tweeting with such a lovely busy family πŸ˜‰

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