365 Days – Inverell, the river is rising today.


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  1. Jenn

    ok you sold me on the book. Just downloaded it onto my kindle (doncha just luuve kindle). I am warning you if I don’t get all my shit down today it is ALL YOUR FAULT and nothing to do with my lack of self discipline when I have a good book or 4 on the go!

  2. Greg

    Hi Candy – found your blog through you following me on twitter – brilliant love it. I was actually in Inverell over the weekend for a 30 year reunion of the Holy Trinity year 10 class of 1980. Great weekend – loved being back in Inverell.

  3. Hrm, is it unusually wet there too? There are some rumours flying around that Brisbane is heading the same way weather-wise as the last time we had a big flood..

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