Sticky kid proof iPad cases from M-edge.

At last I have found one!  I have been struggling with how to keep the iPad sticky finger mark free, since it gets so much use in our house as a communication device for our autistic children.  I also needed something that would give the iPad a little more protection should it hit the floor.  We’ve been using this particular cover for a week now and yes it is a bit pricey at $50, but so far I’d have to say it has been worth it.  It has already survived its first round of kiddy fight club, and even though the case is not waterproof it has coped with a cordial splash (or two).  So in the interest of sharing info with other parents out there that may be in the same predicament – check this out.  Hit the picture to be taken to the suppliers website, and their delivery was pretty quick too. 😉


Product Description

The M-Edge Leisure Jacket is the ultimate accessory for iPad owners who like to brave the elements and bring their devices along for the ride. Whether at the beach, pool or gym, this jacket provides superior protection against sand, dirt and moisture by utilizing a read-through, clear vinyl cover and protective double zipper closure that allows for charging of iPad while it remains safe in the jacket. The Leisure Jacket’s large exterior compartment contains a pocket-sized perfectly for your iPhone and additional pockets for accessories. This jacket is not waterproof.


  • The Leisure Jacket provides superior protection against sand, dirt, and moisture by utilizing a read-through, clear vinyl cover.
  • Protective double closure zipper allows access to charging port without removing iPad from jacket
  • The interior includes a high density foam frame to provide outstanding device security, and iPad can be flipped over for additional screen protection while traveling.
  • Large exterior zipper compartment contains a pocket-sized for the iPhone and additional pockets for accessory storage.
  • The clear vinyl front cover allows full functionality of iPad’s touch screen.
  • This jacket is NOT waterproof.
I was not paid, nor received product for this review/post.


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3 Responses to Sticky kid proof iPad cases from M-edge.

  1. Looks V.G. Candy. Can I have an International Shipping LInk please? Also, in case of water damage, put the device switched ON, in a bag of rice in a warmish place. In Ireland it would be the hot press (airing cupboard where the hotwater boiler is) but for you just a warm part of the house. Leave it for 2 days. The rice extracts the moisture gently. xx

  2. i will look further into this link thanks Candy.

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