Children and Food – you cook what for your kids?

If you clicked on the link to this post thinking that you were going find healthy recipes to feed fussy toddlers, you have been led astray. 

Warning rant ahead…

Nobody tells a parent to be how futile an exercise cooking for your young will be.  Take this evening for instance, all afternoon I have had a delicious side of roast simmering away in the slow cooker which I lovingly plated up for my hoards with a side of fresh steamed veggies and chips.  Can you guess what I have spent the last half hour sweeping up from the floor?

I am fairly sure the air in our household must be high in calories, because I have no idea where these kids get their sustenance from. 

Once you get past babyhood, that beautiful time when you can force feed them any old vegetable mush and giggle over the sour faces they pull with each new flavour, you really have no option but to serve nothing but potato – mostly in chip/fries form for around four years, with sauce.

I think these kids have thwarted every sneaky food preparation idea I have come across, the old dying the food different colours was not fun – sure purple vegetables look fun – but not so much fun to clean up, and said vegetable still taste like vegetables.  Shredding veggies didn’t work either, I have marvelled at the eagle-eyed ability of my children to spot and pick out the smallest shredded carrot bits, you just can’t hide green and orange.  Try using cheese sauce I hear you say, cheese sauce is very easily sucked off the food you are attempting to camouflage, I was probably better off just serving up a bowl of sauce.  Cutting food into funny shapes didn’t work, oh and I had to eat the not so attractive off cuts for my dinner, whilst the good bits hit the floor.  Making spaghetti out of vegetables was a loss too, as they suck the sauce off normal spaghetti anyway and then use it to make a wig from. Recently we strayed from normal potato chips and went with sweet potato chips, no dice they are orange! What was I thinking. 

Mother guilt dictates that I should make sure my children eat veggies, well really they need to eat something in general for that to happen – so what am I to do?  I know, I’ll make it all into a sauce!


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  1. I feel your pain. My youngest once told me that the only thing he likes that I cook for him is chips. But only if they have tomato sauce on them. Way to make a mum feel good. Everyone keeps telling me persistence is the key, so, really, that’s all I’ve got.

    Good luck with that sauce.

  2. Thanks for saying it like it is Candy! My kids also drank nothing but water and ate all their veg until the age of about 2. Now despite saying I would never do it I often have to cook 4 versions of the same meal just to get any food into them at all. My 18 yr old now eats reasonably well. She doesn’t like fruit and veg but eats small amounts cos she knows they are healthy, so it does get better. But I don’t see Smiley graduating from mashed potato and Ready Brek (not together thank goodness) any time soon. And as for my 9 yr old aspie, well lets just say his eating habits are a surprise every day!

  3. Lisa Abejja


    OMG this comes from the mind of every single mother out there with children who are determined with minds like steeltraps to search and destroy anything that even vaguely resembles a vegetable.

  4. Oh I hear you, I hear you loud and clear!
    I have completely given up now and just serve what we eat and if they eat it, good! if they don’t too bad.
    I have however in those desperate days tried the sauce and yes it worked. However it was more expensive to make that to buy regular tomato sauce and it took bloody forever. I only did it once 😉
    Here is the recipe I used:
    Oh and the other one is blended pealed butter squash or zucchini in everything it’s white! put it in mash, in the cheese sauce, in the cheesy muffins, etc, etc!
    or you could just do what I am doing and hope to hell that one day they will just like them 😉

  5. flufflepot

    I sooo relate! Tomato soup and noodles are regular staples around here. I try to sneak tuna or carrot into the noodles most nights, though. I make sure my six year old eats loads of fruit during the day and then I don’t feel so guilty about the low-quality dinners! It’s so hard!

  6. Orange food is evil!

    During my recent visit to my parents place Heidi ate nothing but Chips and Nuggets, mum didn’t even bother trying to make anything else for her at meal times 😀

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