Bosisto’s Botanicals Lavender Oil Spray

 I was lucky enough to be sent half a dozen cans of Bosisto’s Botanical Lavender Spray by the friendly people at FGB Natural Products.  So I decided to ask a few of my lovely readers to test out the spray and let me know what they thought, but before we get into what they had to say here is a bit about the product. 


Lavender Spray is a 100% pure natural product with many great natural uses. Such as promoting a restful night’s sleep, relieving headaches, stress, aches and pains and as a freshener for musty areas. See below for more great natural tips!

Special Features of Bosisto’s Lavender Spray

  • Convenient, easy to use spray with all the uses of Lavender Oil
  • For sleep & relaxation
  • Use in bedroom & baby’s room
  • Calms, soothes and relaxes for insomnia and mild anxiety
  • Natural antibacterial, antiseptic & insect repellant
  • Cleans and freshens and deodorisers, especially musty areas
  • Clean, sweet fragrance
  • Only spray on market with 100% pure Lavender Oil
  • Contains 100% pure, natural Lavandula angutifolia, Lavender Oil

Bosisto’s Lavender Spray is a multi-use spray combining all the uses of Lavender Oil in a convenient spray. 
Lavender Oil calms and soothes, and is a natural antibacterial and deodorizer with many health,
first aid and household uses.   The Spray contains 100% pure lavandula angustifolia Lavender Oil, a
premium pharmaceutical grade oil which is considered one of the best quality lavender oils available. 
It has a clean, sweet lavender fragrance that is stronger and longer lasting than blended oils.

Bosisto’s Lavender Spray is a high quality, pharmaceutical grade Lavender Oil in an easy to use aerosol.

Note: Bosisto’s Lavender Spray does not contain any Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Propellant.

Personally I loved it.  I like all things Lavender.  I tried it out in a few different ways; a little spray on my pillow before bed was a very calming thing to do, it worked very well as a room deodorizer and you only needed a small spray of it, a little goes a long way – I did feel a bit funny about using it to make my stinky boys room smell better as I felt it was too good to be used as a room fragrance, but hey I’ve got a house to sell and it has to smell pretty!  I also tried it out on an ant bite and it did seems to ease the sting.   A spray in air in the bathroom once you’ve run a hot bath is very relaxing, great for getting rid of tension.  The price is $12.95 could be considered a bit expensive, but when you think about the cost of pure Lavender oil, is pretty much what you would expect to pay.  And in my opinion having the pure oil in a spray form seems to go further than a bottle of oil.

Here is what some of my lovely blog readers thought about Bosisto’s Lavender Spray…

Lisa’s review:

I had the pleasure of trying a bottle of this spray and I cannot speak highly enough of it. This has resolved the sleeping issues that my toddler has had for so long. He now sleeps undisturbed throughout the night and wakes happier and more rested. The smell is delightful, so fresh and lively. It is so calming and relaxing having yourself surrounded by the smell of lavender as you sleep. I recommend this to anyone who has children or even themselves with insomnia, anxiety or sleep issues. Thankyou to Candy and Bosisto’s for this opportunity to try the spray. I know I will always keep some of this at hand in our house now !  Read more about what Lisa thought of Bosisto’s Lavender Spray here on her new blog.

Danni had this to say:

I have had the pleasure of reviewing Bosisto’s Lavender Spray and am happy to say I am pleasantly surprised at how wonderful this spray is. My Mum loves lavender and growing up I have had to deal with her various lavender-scented sprays, candles and creams. I can honestly say that lavender-scented products usually give me a headache and sinus problems. Bosisto’s Lavender Spray didn’t which is amazing in itself.  I have been using it both in my room of a night and my little man’s room whenever he sleeps.  Lately I have been super stressed and the calming side effect of this spray seems to be helping with my sleeping problems. It is definitely helping my partner and my toddler sleep. Jake is normally very difficult to convince to sleep during the day and the lavender spray seems to be calming him and promoting a great sleep. Which is BLISS for this happy mummy.  What I love most about this product is that you don’t need to spray much, it makes my partners pillow smell nice (instead of manky sweaty man smell) and has a lovely sweet undertone that just lingers in the air.  Thank you Candy for including me in your product test.  Check out Danni’s blog here.

Louise Danaher was very happy with the spray;
I am in love with the Lavender Spray.  The scent out lasted my melts and scented candles.  It was great in my Bathroom , I have a all white bathroom and a boy with terrible aim lol .  I have a huge dog who comes inside and no matter what I use he still leaves a horrible smell , the spray works wonders .  Thankyou for the sample.
Patricia Acampora said:
I was lucky enough to trial this wonderful new product from Bosoitos. This lavender spray is beautiful!  We spray it in our room and it just makes it smell gorgeous!  The first time we tried it my other half slept 15 hours! I kid you not, we could not believe it!!!! I wish it worked on our baby!!!!! We continue to use it and have the best sleeps.  I sometimes just spray it in the room as it just makes it smell beautiful.  Another great product!
Bosisto’s Lavender Spray is available at Coles (in the medicinal aisle) and pharmacies, at the RRP of $12.95 head to, for product info or to find out more about Bosisto’s other great products.
PS: Check back on this post later, as a more reader reviews come in I shall add them on 🙂

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