Holidays… oh what fun.

Well here we are, day one of the school term break.  Can you sense my joy?  The excitement bursting from e.v.e.r.y. little letter in this sentence? Of course you can. NOT.  However I have resolved to make this short holiday break as entertaining as I can for the kiddies, so that I am not met with cries of boredom (and they start bugging me!).

So the plan is to do at least one activity each day that engages the kids some how, either with each other or the activity.  Oh and there is also the Autism factor, so activities around this joint really have appeal to get any play at all.  And you also have to think about the fight factor, we may have to instigate separate activities and different corners of the property to quell the warfare.

Stuff we might do, that you may like to:

  • Shopping Bag kites – a bit of string through both handles of a plastic shopping bag, teamed with a windy day and room to run.  Keeps my monkeys happy for a good hour.
  • Painting
  • Sensory Play – we have a big container of corn kernels, the kids love to put their feet in them and feel the seeds.  They spend ages tipping them into containers and just swishing their hands around in them. 
  • Cooking – not a task for the faint hearted, especially with this many minions.  But we will try.  Pizza is a good one to do at our place, except they eat most of the topping before the pizza hits the oven.
  • Treasure Hunts – terrific for engaging the big kids that start all the fights with the little kids.
  • Sweeping Up – yes sweeping, my kids love brooms and well I have a house full of tiles – quick kids lets race those brooms!
  • Empty cardboard box cubby houses – I’ve been keeping big boxes aside for when rain halts play, when short of boxes you can make an excellent fort from the lounge cushions.
  • Play Shop – great for maths. The kids pretend the kitchen is a drive thru and they buy their lunch with whatever we got on hand to substitute in for money.
  • Papier mache and balloons – this is an outside activity (definitely) and later you get to paint the creations which are usually much more loved and cared for than any toy, at least for a day anyway.
  • Pasta Necklaces – another sensory game – and good for motor skills too, thread macaroni pieces onto thin elastic which Mummy then gets to wear all day!
  • Colour sorting – pegs are good for this.  Using a few plastic bowls get the little one to sort them into their colour, my little OCD men love this one.
  • Hallway Bowling – keep some plastic milk bottles aside, say about six of them.  Line them up at the end of the hall, hand the kid a ball and let ’em loose.

So there is just a few things I’ve thought of, and when all else fails there is also ABC2 on telly 😉

What do you do with your kids on their school breaks?  I love to hear your ideas 🙂


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  1. Lisa Abejja

    wow you do all this? No wonder my kids are bored out of their minds. I need to write these ideas down. We like pavement chalking and making our own flour based paint to paint the fences with but I don’t do it often enough sadly

  2. Danni

    We used to go to Copeton Dam and Green Valley Farm as kids.

    Generally when entertaining kiddies (obviously not my own because he’s a little young) I have always gone along the lines of play dough, painting (fingers, brushes, sponges, potatoes), making and decorating biscuits and/or cupcakes, making crafty things like pasta necklaces, dying daffodils, planting a herb garden, chalk on the pavement, water play, making maracas with rice and food colouring.

    Can’t wait for Jake to be a little older to do all these things. 🙂

    • Good old Green Valley Farm, not too pram friendly that place. You know my mum works there now!
      Thanks for your suggestions, I will be breaking out the play dough this hols too I reckon.
      Today we made pink cup cakes, they’re already all gone. 🙁

      • Danni

        I couldn’t believe that they have a facebook fan page!
        Wow your Mum works there? Had so many fun end of year school trips there.
        I didn’t think about the pram thing. I can’t remember it being all that wheel chair friendly now that you mention it. It has been so long since I have been that way.

        Cupcake never last long enough!

      • Green Valley farm is heavily decorated with boulders set in concrete. Oh yes very stylish.
        You have to jump your pram over the buggers. I haven’t bothered going out there for ages now, because it is such a pain in the arse to get around with little ones.

  3. Wow sounds like you will have an action packed holiday. My boys are a lot older than yours & my aspie (he’s 17) pretty much keeps himself amused with his laptop. Although the separate corners (or rooms) is a must in our place as Mr.17 & Mr.13 fight too much.
    Have fun & I hope you’re able to keep your sanity 🙂

  4. Lots of great ideas 🙂 We are having a good holiday so far. I find having lots of other people over provides entertainment for my girls 🙂

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