Kids today…

Ever found yourself lamenting… kids today (insert muttering and swearing under your breath here) have no respect.

I have noticed that as my children get older I find myself muttering this at least once a day.  Is this because I’m getting older?   Surely not.  Things have changed and I know I am not imagining this.  My nine year old daughter speaks to me with an attitude I didn’t have till I was about twenty!  How does this happen, and no matter how many times we “speak” to her about talking to adults with respect, ten minutes later she’ll be flipping us a verbal bird – so where is this coming from? 

Had I spoken to my parents with the same tone I am fairly sure I would still be limping now, that is after I woke up from the medically induced coma somewhere in my twenties.

However my daughter doesn’t just save this attitude for me, she speaks to everyone in this way.  I hate to say it, but she is quite the little bitch.  (I can hear you all out there saying: Takes after her mother there!)  For me climbing the ladder to smart arse bitch took years of training and guidance from my mentors. 😉   But at the age of nine I cannot recall bugging my parents as much as my kids do, this I realise is because times have changed.  Parents are expected to get involved in their kids lives, there was never a section in my homework for me to do with my parents like there is now.  When I got up on a Saturday morning I’d eat and be out the door, off with neighbourhood kids or whatever and I come back when hungry or it was dark.  I think this arrangement suited my parents very much, I had no interest in asking my parents (constant) questions about anything that comes to my mind at the time.  My kids don’t seem to know how to go and play without some kind of direction from us.  As a kid I was much more interested in catching ants in jars and building little imaginary towns in the dirt of our backyard – which my brother helpfully destroyed from time to time if I neglected to included a toy car in the game, but I digress.   I wonder if had my parents engaged me in such conversation would I have shown the same attitude my daughter does now? Just a thought.

My theory is that my daughters attitude is a generational thing – at least I hope it is.  Here’s hoping she’ll grow out of it. REALLY HOPING.


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  1. Annie drives me nuts with her attitude. It is so challenging because she doesn’t realise she is being rude. Just that she needs the answer NOW and whatever you are doing is not as important as her need for the answer NOW.

    It comes off as being so rude and so insensitive. I spend much of my time just reminding myself that she can’t help it, it is the aspergers and it is my job to teach Annie to wait and consider others. SO frustrating. I don’t want to think of her as a teenager. 🙁

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