Break out the duct tape.

Henry (Future Dark Overlord & owner of the perpetually running nose) simply will not stay in any kind of car seatbelt.   I am out of ideas.  The kid can ooze out of any done up seat belt as if he were that mercury guy from Terminator, and then once he is out of his seat the next thing he does is open the window and hang out of it.  We have got to the point that on longer car trips one of us (Husband or I) has to sit in the back of the bus with him and literally sit on the kid to keep in his seat. Just today I looked up in the rear view mirror to see the kid hanging out the window throwing tissues one by one out at the passing cars, well I suppose if I got lost at least there was a trail to follow home.

I have been through all manner of inventions supposedly designed to keep even Harry Houdini in his seat.  Clearly Henry is channeling the great escape artist.   I have spent lot’s of money on expensive promises to no avail.

So I issue a challenge to my readers, please please please tell me if you have found an escape proof seat belt contraption – that isn’t duct tape (yeah I know what you’re thinking 😉 )

Surely there has to be something out there I haven’t tried?


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  1. Leila

    A friend of mine was pulled over in the hunter valley about 12 months ago and his daughter wasn’t properly restrained in her car seat (she hates straps over her shoulders) they actually gave him a device designed to make it difficult to get even an arm out of the carseat straps.
    Maybe give your local police a call and see what they suggest they may have one they will happily give you instead of spending more money!

    • Being members of the local constabulary I can tell you that our local police force has no such freebies or clues about what to do with a kid such as ours. But thank you for the suggestion. We have one of those things that goes across the top of the straps which he is not supposed to be able to push down, but he does. How he does it I don’t know!

  2. Lisa Abejja

    lol I wish I knew an answer for you ! little houdini huh…. the duct tape idea isn’t bad though 😉 I’d consider it 😛

  3. Ro

    I got nothing, sorry.
    Aspie teen was the same, nfi how he did it, either, but maybe the local SCOPE or state Autism association might have a suggestion?
    Y’know, I don’t feel like such a bad parent now, thanks Candy 😉

  4. rachael

    we had a contraption that traped child like that was sold through the vic version of the rta. was for car seats not grown up seat belts, was like a breast plate that attached and held seat belts together with indurtrial press studs that when done up was hard to undo, even for the child, let alone mum. was black nylony web type material and it was fab.. not sure if this helps and I no longer have it, or would send it over, was lost in our moree house fire, but it wrangled three of my lovely angels who hated seatbelts, one of whom sounds like Henry

  5. rachael

    this wasnt it but looks like it may do same type of thing… 🙂

  6. I’m glad we don’t have the seatbelt issue, that harness Rachael links to looks neat..

    We have a problem with Heidi fidgeting with door handles in cars. Fidget toys distract her but don’t stop her. She will fiddle as we get her in the car to, unlocking the child safety catch on the door. Every so often I’d slip up and miss that the child safety switch had been unlocked again and inevitably Heidi’s door would swing open due to her fidgeting with the handle.

    After this happened on a busy road during peak hour we ended up dismantling the mechanism inside the door so her door handle no longer works 🙁

    When she started kicking me in the head while I was driving I moved her to Annie’s seat on the passenger side of the car – but instantly she started fidgeting with the door handle and kept opening it.

    Sometimes nothing seems to get through, no social story, explanation, nothing. I so sympathise with your seatbelt issue because car safety is so important.

  7. Jenn

    well what works for my giant border collie is to put lead on and then accidently on purpose get it jammed as you slam the car door shut! At the right length it gives him room to move but not room to roam!! As with all genius inventions it was found by accident!

    • Oh now that gets me thinking. When we fostered a puppy for Customs they supplied us with a special puppy seatbelt for use in the car. Perhaps it could be adapted to child use 😀

  8. Lou

    Hi Candy

    When I read this blog I immediately thought of these

    which I came across one day. Have you tried them?


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